4 February 2019. Manly West, Brisbane: 

Last week was an exciting time for 22 young girls and boys as they started their schooling at the newly completed Moreton Bay Colleges’ Pre-Prep facility. There were many smiles, and a couple of apprehensive faces, as the students came together for the first time. However, it didn’t take long for the children to look right at home in the purpose-built classroom.

“I love it at School” said Casey, aged 3 “I want to stay all day!”

The Moreton Bay Colleges’ Pre-Prep Programme provides a unique offering for families who are committed to their sons and/or daughters continuing on to Prep at Moreton Bay College or Moreton Bay Boys’ College. The launch of The Moreton Bay Colleges’ Pre-Prep Programme has been one of the key strategic initiatives the Colleges’ have been working on for the last couple of years.

“It’s been really exciting to see the programme come together” said Carolyn Wilson, Deputy Head of Primary: Early Learning at Moreton Bay College This week, the children have delighted in exploring their new learning space, establishing connections with new friends and teachers, playing games and of course, exploring the wonders of their outdoor environment”.

While The Moreton Bay Colleges’ continue to be leaders in single-sex education from Prep to Year 12; research suggests a mixed gender model for Pre-Prep is best practice for children in the 3-4-year-old age group.

When children first enter an educational community, having boys and girls in their class group best reflects their life experience.said Rebecca Lennon, Head of Primary at Moreton Bay College.Becoming familiar with the environment and routines can be very new to young children, so our decision for the Pre-Prep Programme to be co-educational is focussed on supporting children in the transition into a learning environment”.

The students at Pre-Prep have the opportunity to engage with Prep students and enjoy access to specialist teachers in subjects such as Music, PE, Visual Arts, Library and RE, along with additional activities such as Swimming and Dance. 

“We know that young children benefit from a range of teaching and learning styles and experiences” said Richard Curtis, Head of Primary at Moreton Bay Boys’ College “Throughout the year, the children at The Morton Bay Colleges’ Pre-Prep will be exposed to a variety of specialised learning activities that focus on their natural curiosity and wonder, and will prepare them for the transition into Prep”.

Spaces are available for Pre-Prep in 2020 and beyond, please contact The Moreton Bay Colleges enrolment office on 3249 9322 to learn more.