Moreton Bay College has a deep commitment to Christian values and service to others. Our college Chaplaincy programme is an integral part of the Pastoral Care team, focused on supporting the students and their families. The Chaplain’s pastoral support also extends to staff members within the College.

The focus on the spiritual and emotional needs of the College community is achieved through a variety of avenues in collaboration with the Pastoral Team and includes: working closely with the Deputy Head of Secondary – Students; pastoral support as a member of the Pastoral Care Team; spiritual and emotional guidance; encouraging and promoting Christian values, especially Engagement, Character, Care and Teamwork; facilitation and encouragement of spiritual programmes; coordination of the Religious Education Programme; preparation of Chapel with the support of the Worship & Service Captains and Chapel Leaders; liaison with local churches, youth groups and support agencies and; involvement in school service and community activities.

Our Chaplain

Reverend Peter Lockhart

Reverend Peter Lockhart

Rev Peter is a qualified Teacher and an Ordained Minister of the Uniting Church, who has an extensive history in education and formation within the Uniting Church. His secondary school teaching focussed on the Humanities and English. The majority of Rev Peter’s ministry experience has been in Congregational ministry, but through this, he has been involved in a variety of teaching roles, as well as significant participation in University Chaplaincy, especially through residential colleges.

Rev Peter is available to all students and staff for personal support and care or for anyone wishing to explore spiritual, ethical, theological or philosophical questions.