Learning Enhancement

Moreton Bay College has a commitment to personalised learning and recognises that all students are individuals in terms of their intellectual and physical abilities and their social and emotional needs. The Learning Enhancement team consists of specialised staff who work in a consultative and collaborative capacity with class teachers, to assist in differentiating the curriculum to meet the learning needs of all students.

Learning support

Learning support

The Learning Support team works closely with classroom teachers to cater for students who have a range of learning needs. The girls work either individually, as a part of a small group or within the classroom environment to develop confidence and strategies to assist their learning. The College also engages the services of specialised support staff such as Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Vision and Hearing Specialists and Educational Psychologists to assist with early intervention measures and ongoing individualised programming. This combined effort helps to support students to work towards celebrating successes and reaching their full potential.

Academic enrichment

The Academic Enrichment Programme varies to meet the developmental needs of all students. Many extension and enrichment opportunities are embedded within and across the different curriculum areas.

  • Kindergarten to Year 2 students enjoy taking part in whole-class, weekly lessons with the Learning Enrichment teacher, focusing on developing higher-order thinking skills and strategies for creative thought connected to their current Unit of Inquiry.
  • Students in Years 3 – 6 begin to explore enrichment opportunities in smaller groups, working with others of like ability. These sessions cover a diverse range of areas with everything from Advanced Reading Techniques to STEM/STEAM based challenges and collaborative problem-solving tasks.
  • Years 7 – 12 - Once students have been identified as needing targeted differentiation in their learning, the Learning Enhancement staff support the teachers to provide appropriate learning experiences. These complement the classroom curriculum and assist in developing students who have been identified with particular academic giftedness. Subject selection provides additional opportunities for students to excel and further their passion.

Gifted education

Gifted education

At Moreton Bay College we use a variety of screening measures to identify students who display potential giftedness and/or a high aptitude in domain specific areas. The College’s policy for supporting gifted and talented students is based upon Gagne’s Comprehensive Model of Talent Development (CMTD). Specialist staff work in close collaboration with classroom teachers to ensure that the academic programme for gifted students is inclusive of strategies to develop identified environmental and intrapersonal catalysts.

Performance Programme

Performance Programme

The Moreton Bay College Performance Programme recognises and supports students who are achieving at an elite level in Sport and/or the Performing Arts to balance their academic studies and performance goals. Eligible students need to meet a strict criteria, which includes performing at an elite level and being involved in numerous hours of training/rehearsal. A Performance Programme Committee decides eligibility for the programme and considerations for any appropriate modifications to the academic programme. The committee also monitors the student’s academic progress and makes adjustments in negotiation with the family, as appropriate.

Performance Programme participants submit review documentation at the end of each year to determine eligibility for the subsequent year. Each application is assessed individually.

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Students may be identified as having a combination of diagnoses of a learning difficulty, disability, giftedness and talent, and/or have English as an Additional Language or Dialect. Appropriate educational provisions are implemented to support these students in their multiple areas of need.


Support is also provided for those students who have English as an Additional Language or Dialect.