MBC Old Girls’ Association

Once a Bay Girl, Always a Bay Girl

The MBC Old Girls’ Association was established in 1917 and seeks to maintain valued friendships, foster networks, and provide relevant opportunities for our 7,500+ past students; keeping their connection with the College community alive. The activities of the Old Girls’ Association include: 

  • Mentoring and networking opportunities
  • Special events and reunions
  • Financial support for College projects, bursaries and prizes to students
  • Representation on College Committee
Find out more about the Old Girls' Association

Find out more about the Old Girls' Association

In 2017 the Association launched an online portal allowing past students and staff of the College to come together and share news, photos, employment opportunities; find out about upcoming events and more. Information on membership to the Association is also available via the portal.

A tribute to Miss Handley

Our old girls can also join us on:

Facebook or LinkedIn

Or contact our College staff member:

Mrs Jemanda Hannouf

Community Development Officer


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