The MBC Medal

Celebrating the achievements of past students, providing inspiration for current students and the Community.  

2023 Moreton Bay College Medallist

Class of '95

“My journey began as an elite athlete, playing professional volleyball in Italy, then competing at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. My successful transition into the business world was undoubtedly linked to the resilience I developed along my Olympic journey as well as the softer skills of effective communication and leadership – skills that have been so valuable in my business career.

My team and I are committed to improving the quality of life and opportunities for our Indigenous communities. Sustained and successful change doesn’t happen overnight, it’s well considered, it’s wholly engaged, and it happens with great people and with permission from the communities we serve."


Aboriginal Investment Group's Remote Laundries Project: 30,000 cycles completed! 30 June 2023

CEO Liz Morgan-Brett sees this milestone as monumental.

“To put that in perspective, it would take 82 years for a household to wash every day to reach this number of cycles. Our remote laundries project is only four years old, and has only recently expanded to four laundries,” said Liz.

“In every one of those cycles is a real story of hope and opportunity. Behind every cycle is a person able to show up to work with dignity wearing freshly laundered clothes or a child attending school with pride in a clean uniform. Behind each one of these cycles is a strong and empowered community breaking the cycle of disease while creating meaningful jobs for locals.”

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MBC Medal recipients

2023 - Elizabeth Morgan-Brett Oly

2022 - Honourable Anika Wells MP

2021 - Miss Oriel Handley OAM

2020 - Dr Alex Schumann-Gillett

2019 – Sister Melissa Dwyer

2018 - Ms Shannon Parry OAM

2017 - Ms Brooke Connell

2016 - Ms Melissa Anderson

2015 - Dr Jillian Charker (nee Smythe)

2014 - Dr Cheryl Desha

2013 - Mrs Jessie Vasey, OBE, CBE (nee Halbert)

2012 - Mrs Judy James (nee Emmerson)

2011 - Ms Annette Allison

2010 - Dr Valerie Looi

2009 - Dr Natasha Hendrick, Mrs Bronwyn Herbert (nee Irvine)

2008 - Mrs Joy Nugent (nee McClintock)

2007 - Mrs Shirley Weder (nee Woods)

2006 - Ms Donna Duggan

2005 - Mrs Bobby Connelly (nee Searle)

2004 - The Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO (nee Strachan)