Transitioning into Secondary

As an educator of girls for over 115 years, Moreton Bay College is well aware of the different needs of students at various developmental stages. At Moreton Bay College we have well-developed and successful pastoral care practices to ensure that the transition to Secondary schooling is smooth and manageable for your daughter.

As a Pre-Prep to Year 12 College, Moreton Bay College has a deep understanding of the transition to Secondary, and our bird's eye view of both Primary and Secondary schools gives us valuable insight into the needs of girls as they make the exciting progression to Secondary.

The transition into Secondary occurs in a number of different stages and formally begins when current Year 6’s from MBC and other primary schools transitioning to Year 7 attend Secondary Experience Day. This day is designed to provide the girls with an opportunity to experience Secondary subjects such as Maths, Science and Technology, with Secondary teachers in specialist Secondary facilities. These opportunities allow the girls to familiarise themselves with the Secondary School grounds and Secondary teachers, reducing the feelings of anxiety one might have when moving to a new educational environment.

The Inter Year Carer programme will partner your daughter with a Year 11 student, who will guide and support her through this first significant year in the Secondary School. Inter Year Carers self-nominate in writing and then participate in a rigorous interview process with their Head of House. Eight Inter Year Carers are selected for each House, and throughout the year, these girls provide care, support and guidance for the Year 7’s, often resulting in long-lasting friendships. Alongside this support the Inter Year Carers strive to foster resilience and independence in the Year 7s in their care, so that they are equipped to manage future challenges as they move through secondary school.

In addition to this transition programme, all prospective Year 7 students attend the Year 7 Orientation Afternoon preceding entry to Year 7. This is another opportunity to bring together students who are current Year 6 MBC students and Year 6 students from other primary schools, to meet each other, their Inter Year Carer, Form Teacher, Head of House, our Secondary Leadership Team, and to experience the ‘College spirit’ before their commencement in Year 7. Parents also attend this event where they learn about the wellbeing framework and pastoral system in place at MBC to support their daughter, and what steps they can take to assist their daughter’s transition into secondary school.

On the day prior to the start of the school year, all Year 7 students participate in Fun and Friendship Day. As the name suggests, this is a day of fun activities designed to encourage girls to develop new relationships with their peers and key staff who will support them during their secondary schooling. 

Additional support is offered to Year 7 students through the Transition Support Programme. This is a pre-determined, evidence-informed curriculum designed for Year 7 students who are finding the transition from primary to secondary school particularly challenging.