Pastoral care is woven into every aspect of College life

We see pastoral care as a collaborative partnership between students, parents and staff. We create a community where girls feel safe, valued, connected, have a strong sense of belonging and know they are valued and listened to. The school years hold many of the most demanding challenges of growing up. During these years, Moreton Bay College extends a guiding hand through its personal development and pastoral care programmes. 

These elements create an essential framework of ongoing support and encouragement for each student’s individual growth and success. Our vibrant House system is a vital component of our pastoral care approach. Each student is part of a House family and, in Secondary, belongs to a vertically-structured Form Class made up of students from Years 7 to 12. This structure encourages strong connections between girls in different year levels and also creates opportunities for leadership and mentoring. As well as having the friendly support of perceptive teachers, girls have access to two councillors and two full-time Chaplains who give counselling and spiritual guidance at every year level.