This Term we take on The Sudsy Challenge by wearing the same clothes for three days to raise awareness and funds for people doing it tough.

By not changing our clothes and having genuine conversations with those around us about homelessness, we will be helping to change attitudes, change perceptions and ultimately, change lives.

Our goal is to raise $5000 to help people that are doing it tough in our community.

Why are you taking part in the challenge?

Why are you taking part in the challenge?

Poppy and Emma

"to make a difference in the community and support great services such as Orange sky laundry." "To fundraise and raise awareness for Orange sky laundry through having fun with my classmates during the three days of wearing the shirts."


I have decided to take part in this challenge to give my support towards orange sky laundry and the services they provide.

Alice, Harriet and Jayda

"I am passionate about raising awareness of this serve social issue impacting Australian citizens." "I believe there is not enough education and awareness spread about this significant social issue." "The services provided by Orange sky make an impact on their own, but the genuine time and conversation spent with people doing it tough make a difference that more people need to be made aware of."

Ava, Tiarna, Gabby

"Taking part gives me a platform to make a change by educating my peers and giving people who experience homelessness resources needed to build a life and leave their struggle." " to promote the struggles homeless people face daily since it is something, I have never into taken consideration before. It is a serious struggle faced in our community and needs to be recognised to a greater extent." "The Studsy challenge is a great way to create awareness about people who are doing it tough, it also provides ways I can make a positive impact in the community."