Performance Program

The Moreton Bay College Performance Program recognises and supports students who have achieved at an elite level in Sport and/or the Performing Arts, to balance their academic studies and performance goals. Students eligible for the program need to meet the criteria of the program which includes being at an elite level and being involved in numerous hours training/rehearsal.

A Performance Program committee of College staff makes decisions about eligibility for the program and considerations about any appropriate modifications to the academic program. The committee also monitors the student’s academic progress and makes adjustments in negotiation with the family, as appropriate.

Performance Program participants submit review documentation at the end of each year to determine eligibility for the program in the subsequent year.

Each application is assessed individually. It is not feasible to compare different performance areas in relation to academic adjustments and/or eligibility for the Performance Program. 

For further information, please email us.  A copy of the Performance Program Application form can be found below.

Performance Program Application