2019 Fees and Charges


These fees are non-refundable

Enrolment Application Fee  $250 (including GST)

Confirmation Fee        $850 (no GST) - payable prior to entry to the College 


Moreton Bay College endeavours to have an all-inclusive tuition fee that covers the cost of tuition and curricular activities. School camps and extra-curricular activities will incur additional charges.

Fees for any private extra-curricular lessons such as music tuition are to be paid either directly to the music teacher (sessional staff), or to the College as charged on your statement of account each term (where the teacher is a permanent staff member).

Year Level Fees Per Annum Fees by Term x 4 Monthly Payments
(10 x Feb to Nov)
Pre-Prep $8750.00 $2,187.50 $875.00
Prep $9540.00 $2,385.00 $954.00
Year 1 - 3 $9,892.00 $2,473.00 $989.20
Year 4 $12,212.00 $3,053.00 $1,221.20
Year 5 $12,852.00 $3,213.00 $1,285.20
Year 6 $13,340.00 $3,335.00 $1,334.00
Year 7 $15,380.00 $3,845.00 $1,538.00
Years 8-11 $16,028.00 $4,007.00 $1,602.80
    Fees over 3 Terms Monthly Payments 
(8 x Feb to Sep)
Year 12 $16,028.00 $5,342.67 $2,003.50

Pre-Prep 2019 Statement of Fees

pdf2019 Statement of Fees Pre-Prep 


The sibling discount structure for 2019 is as follows:

•10% off tuition fees for the 2nd child attending MBC or MBBC concurrently

•30% off tuition fees for the 3rd child attending MBC or MBBC concurrently

•90% off tuition fees for the 4th and any subsequent children attending MBC or MBBC concurrently 


An important part of your family’s contribution to the College community is your support of the College’s Building Fund. The MBC Building Fund is managed by the Moreton Bay Colleges’ Foundation, and has deductible gift recipient status.

The Fund provides an avenue for families to make tax deductible donations to build and maintain the College’s educational facilities. 

Your contributions make a significant difference in ensuring that buildings and facilities are refurbished to an appropriate standard. As a guide to assist families, a donation of $150 per family per term is suggested and this amount will be included as a voluntary donation on each school fee account.


School fee accounts are sent out to families before the commencement of each school term and are payable on the first day of each school term. Where fees remain unpaid by the due date, and no payment plan is in place, an administration fee of $58 may be charged.  Please note, if you are not able to either pay fees by the due date or enter into a payment plan/direct debit arrangement, we encourage you to contact ‘Edstart’ on 1300 139 445 to discuss payment options that are available as the College is not able to provide credit.

The College currently provides a number of flexible payment options:

•Online payment via the Parent Lounge located via ‘Online Payments’ on the MBC website, top right hand side

•B-Pay (only accepted for the full term’s fees)

•Direct Debit arranged through the College – this can be arranged on a fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis to suit your personal requirements

•Visa/Mastercard (a 0.778% credit card surcharge applies)

•American Express (a 0.95% credit card surcharge applies)


The College’s financial structure is carefully balanced and therefore prompt payment of accounts is vitally important to enable the College to appropriately manage its cash flow.


The College requires written notice of not less than one full school term in advance for the withdrawal of a student at any time before the end of Year 12. Notice is required on the final day of the school term which is immediately before the end of the term in which the student is intending to leave. 

A late notice fee of one (1) term’s fees will be payable by families who do not provide the required notice.


Whilst the College understands that absences are at times unavoidable, by law, students in the compulsory years of schooling are required to be in attendance during term time. Requests for extended absence (a period of absence of three days or longer for reasons other than illness or extraordinary circumstances, e.g. family holidays) within school term time must be submitted in writing to the Head of College. Requests must be made well in advance of the absence and no later than two weeks prior to the student’s departure.


Due to factors such as an increasing global economy, the College is experiencing temporary movement by families overseas, interstate or intrastate for work or family reasons. Families often want their children to return to the College when they settle back into Brisbane however the date or re-entry is often unknown. It is difficult for the College to guarantee the availability of places in cases when year levels are full, there are waiting lists for those year levels and school income is reliant on all places being filled.

Any family wishing to hold a place in the circumstances of temporary relocation are required to pay the normal fixed school fee component for the period of the absence.  The fee should be paid to the College each semester in advance and normal notice periods for withdrawal of enrolment will apply.  


The College provides a student accident insurance policy that provides cover for all full time MBC students against accidental bodily injury 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, worldwide. Major exclusions include any non-Medicare medical expenses and accidents resulting from participation in professional or motor sports. There is no additional charge to the family for this coverage. You are welcome to contact the Director of Business and Finance for more details regarding this policy. 

The College also has a travel insurance policy which covers all students, staff and others who travel for school purposes outside a radius of 50km intrastate, interstate and overseas while on college business.


The College operates a fully accredited Child Care centre for Toddlers through to Pre-Prep.  The cost of the service is $85.00 per day.  Child Care subsidy is available (if applicable).  For enquiries, please contact the Child Care centre on 3249 9359.


All new school uniforms for Moreton Bay College and Moreton Bay Boys’ College are purchased directly at the MBC Uniform Shop or through our convenient “online” facility.

For online purchases, go to the MBC website www.mbc.qld.edu.au and click ONLINE PAYMENTS.  Tick the box for Tuckshop/Uniform shop purchases and you will be directed to the Flexischools website.  You only need to register once and obtain your login and password for future use.  Items ordered online will be delivered to the Primary Administration or the Secondary Reception within 48 hours of purchase for collection by your daughter if requested.    

The Uniform Shop is located just inside the Hargreaves Road entrance to the College on the left hand side.  

The contact phone number for the Uniform shop is 3249 9362.    


The College tuckshop also has a convenient online ordering system.  The ordering process is similar to the Uniform shop as you go to the MBC website www.mbc.qld.edu.au and click ONLINE PAYMENTS.  Tick the box for Tuckshop/Uniform shop purchases, log in to the Flexischools website and follow the prompts.

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