Fees & Charges

Tuition Fees

Moreton Bay College has an all inclusive tuition fee that covers the cost of tuition and a range of curricular and co-curricular activities including class excursions, drama and dance programme, group music tuition, QGSSSA and other sporting nominations, provision for qualified sports coaches and library facilities.

Fees for any private lessons are paid directly to the person providing the service. 

School camps and extra curricular activities will incur additional charges. 
Tuition Fees for 2017 are as follows:

Year Level Fees Per Annum Fees by Term x 4 Monthly Payments
(10 x Feb to Nov)
Prep $9,290.00 $2,322.50 $929.00
Year 1 $9,470.00 $2,367.50 $947.00
Year 2 $9,470.00 $2,367.50 $947.00
Year 3 $9,470.00 $2,367.50 $947.00
Year 4 $11,690.00 $2,922.50 $1,169.00
Year 5 $12,305.00 $3,076.25 $1,230.50
Year 6 $12,770.00 $3,192.50 $1,277.00
Year 7 $14,725.00 $3,681.25 $1,472.50
Years 8-11 $15,345.00 $3,836.25 $1,534.50
    Fees by Term x 3 Monthly Payments 
(8 x Feb to Sep)
Year 12 $15,345.00 $5,115.00 $1,918.13


Enrolment Application Fee

 An enrolment application fee of $250 (no GST) is payable upon submiting the enrolment application to the College.

Confirmation Fee

A confirmation fee of $850 (no GST) is payable prior to entry to the College.  Payment of this fee is compulsory for all parents wishing to confirm their daughter's enrolment.  This fee is non refundable and is not deducted for tuition fees.

Sibling Discounts

The sibling discount structure is aligned between the Moreton Bay Colleges where students attend either MBC or MBBC concurrently as follows:-

2nd child 10%
3rd child 30%
4th and subsequent children 90%

Sibling discount applies to tuition fees only.

Information Technology Levy 

  • Compulsory IT Levy for Years 5, 6, 8, 9 and 12        $500.00pa      charged $125.00 per term
  • Years 4, 7, 10 and 11 students are exempt, due to the College Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model

Voluntary Building Fund

The Voluntary Building Fund exists at the College in order to provide funds to assist with upgrades to existing or new facilities.  The College Building Fund is registered and endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient under items in Subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.  All donations made to the Voluntary Building Fund are fully tax deductible.

Contributions to the Voluntary Building Fund make a real difference to the College’s ability to maintain and expand the exceptional facilities students' currently enjoy.  All donations are gratefully received.  As a guide to assist families, $150.00 per family per term is suggested and this amount will be included as a voluntary donation on each College fee account.

Student Accident Insurance

The College currently provides a student accident insurance policy that provides cover for all full time MBC students against accidental bodily Injury 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, worldwide. Major exclusions include any Medicare Gap expenses and accidents resulting from participation in professional sports. There is no additional charge to the family for this coverage. You are welcome to contact the Director of Business and Finance for more details regarding this policy.

The College also has a travel insurance policy which covers all students, staff and others who travel for school purposes outside a radius of 50km intrastate, interstate and overseas.  Parents are not required to take out additional travel insurance for any school related excursion.

Withdrawal of a student prior to end of Year 12

The College requires written notice of not less than one full school term in advance for the withdrawal of a student at any time prior to the end of Year 12.  Notice is required on the final day of the school term which is immediately prior to the end of the term in which the student is intending to leave.

A penalty of one (1) term's fees will be payable by families who do not provide the required notice.

The College reserves the right to vary fees and charges as necessary.


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