Our Vision

Aims and Vision

Through the provision of a challenging, supportive and inspiring learning environment based on Christian principles and beliefs, Moreton Bay College seeks to develop in each girl intellectual and social confidence, integrity, adaptability, humility and an active sense of responsibility for self, others and our world.

Our Vision

The Moreton Bay Colleges will be acknowledged as leaders in single sex education, nurtured and guided by our common values and shared philosophy. Together we are stronger.

In pursuit of our vision, we are committed at each college to the ongoing development of enquiring and creative minds in safe and supportive, single sex learning contexts that are guided by Christian principles and beliefs.

Our Values

As Christian colleges in the Uniting Church tradition, we are deeply committed to fostering the personal, moral, spiritual and academic growth of our students and their interest in serving the community. The Moreton Bay Colleges are active in pursuing the following values through word and deed:


  • We live and learn with passion, enthusiasm and resourcefulness.
  • We embrace innovation and creativity to contribute to and shape the future.


  • We act with integrity and goodwill in all that we do.
  • We show courage and resilience.


  • We care for ourselves, others and the environment. 
  • We nurture the best in each other.

Team work

  • We are open-minded and respectful towards each other. 
  • We work collaboratively to achieve our common purpose.

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