Tours Program

The Tours program offered by the College enables students to experience a cultural exchange and academic enrichment through interstate trips and international travel.

The benefits of participation in these programs are many, including broadening students' consideration and understanding of others, personally and culturally, and the development of tolerance and resilience in meeting the challenges of a new situation.

Overview of Tours

The following list is a sample of the tours offered by the College. These may vary from year to year.

Service Tours
  • Gallipoli Tour
    A tour, in conjunction with Moreton Bay Boys’ College, to experience and recognise the Gallipoli landing and the dawn Anzac service.
  • Indian Himalaya Expedition
    The Indian Himalaya Service tour is a four week tour of the Indian Himalayan region with a focus on community projects. Organised by Antipodeans Abroad, students assist in the renovation and building of buildings, schools, shrines and other community resources to assist the local community.
Sporting Tours
  • Athletics Knockout Competition
    The Athletics Knockout competition is a three week tour that is dependent on the outcome of various athletics meets throughout the year. The last tour was to Prague in 2013 where the Australian team were victorious.

  • Hockey/Netball Sports Tour
    The Hockey and Netball Sports tour provides students with an opportunity to experience other cultures and interact with athletes of different nations. The tour runs through either China, Europe or the UK.
  • New Zealand Ski Trip
    The Queenstown Ski Trip is a bi-annual, week-long tour. It encourages cultural and physical skills and the development of responsibility, independence and personal strengths, set amongst the beautiful white backdrop of the Queenstown ski fields.
  • Sailing Tour
    The Sailing tour is a week long tour to Algies Bay, Warkworth, NZ. The tour is dependent on the outcome of sailing meets throughout the year.
Cultural Tours
  • Dance and Drama Tour
    The Dance and Drama tour is a six day tour which takes students to see some of the best shows and visit the best dance and drama companies in the country. Students work with industry professionals in workshops at NIDA and the VCA, visit The Australian Ballet and The Sydney Theatre Company.
  • FPS Tour
    The international and domestic Future Problem Solving Tours are dependent upon the outcome of competitions at a state and national level.
  • French Tour
    The French tour is an eighteen day cultural immersion tour and homestay experience through France and Belgium. It provides students with a taste of France and motivates language and cultural learning.
  • Japanese Tour
    The Japanese tour is a twelve day cultural immersion tour through Japan, including language immersion and trips to various sites throughout Japan.

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