Teaching and Learning Framework

Moreton Bay College Teaching and Learning Framework

The Moreton Bay College Teaching and Learning Framework provides the structure for how learning is approached at MBC.  The student is at the centre – the heart of all we do.  The Spiritual, Academic and Social/Emotional wellbeing of each individual students is underpinned by what we value.  Our rich history and traditions, along with our local and global community, provides the foundation for learning growth.

The layer beneath each learning dimension communicates the focus within each area.

Coming Soon – Work is underway on making the Framework Diagram an interactive tool with links to further information and resources for each of the focus areas. 

What we believe about student learning

The belief that actions and attitudes contribute to present and future wellbeing is central to learning and teaching at Moreton Bay College.  Our learning community develops these through positive relationships between students, staff and families.  This is based on a vision of the ongoing development of inquiring and creative minds, which fosters risk-taking and resilient learning.  In pursuit of our vision, we are committed to the ongoing development of lifelong learners who pursue personal, moral, spiritual and academic growth.

The Teaching and Learning Framework is designed to equip our students for tomorrow’s world, through the provision of a relevant and engaging curriculum that is underpinned by the Melbourne Declaration.

The Melbourne Declaration on Education Goals for Young Australians[CK1]  articulates nationally consistent future directions and aspirations for Australian schooling agreed by all Australian Education Ministers.  The Melbourne Declaration has two overarching goals for schooling in Australia: promoting equity and excellence, and the vision that all young Australians become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens.

[Ref: ACARA - Link to website]


Our teaching is supported by an expectation that students are engaged, collaborative, respectful, caring, willing and active participants.



Why do we need a Teaching and Learning Framework?

For the students and families:

The intent is for students and parents to have access to information that assists in deepening understanding about the teaching and learning focus at MBC.  There are resources and frameworks referenced that assist in providing detail about the academic, spiritual and pastoral programs that are explored and learned at MBC.

For the teachers:

The Framework is used by staff to ensure we have a shared vision for teaching and learning across the College.  As educators, we have a responsibility to focus on the learning journey for the students.  When engaged in professional learning sessions, staff use this Framework to align and connect programs and practices and explore where each staff member’s role is represented and accountable for within the teaching and learning program.

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