Learning Areas - Secondary Years

Our diverse and contemporary educational program for girls in Years 7-12 reflects the best aspects of our school’s heritage since 1901, while recognising the particular needs of girls who will contribute to an ever-changing society. Our educational program, while dynamic, has at its core a firm philosophy that foundation learning is essential to enable each girl to not only participate and contribute to society but to make a difference.


The foundations of the educational program in the Secondary school are a broad, balanced and rigorous academic curriculum, extensive offerings in co-curricular activities and deliberately structured personal development activities and experiences. In essence, our program focuses on the emotional, spiritual, creative, intellectual, physical, social and vocational growth of your daughter, not just her academic results. To deliver these outcomes, our educational program draws on current educational, psychological, physiological and related fields of research, to ensure all aspects of practice are informed and tailored to produce the best possible outcomes for each girl.

The Moreton Bay College Secondary educational program has traditionally featured a purposeful focus on worship and service. Each girl is expected to participate in the spiritual and service life of the College in a way that contributes to her own spiritual growth as well as offering a personal service to others during her time at Moreton Bay. The possession of a sense of service, care and compassion for others, especially the less advantaged, is one of the most important attributes that Moreton Bay College seeks to engender in our girls.

The curriculum program offers girls a broad range of choice yet maintains a clear focus on the core skills (literacy, numeracy and technology) that are the platform for future life-long learning.  The Year 7-10 program delivers the endorsed Australian Curriculum and other subject areas are informed by the current draft Australian Curriculum documents for their respective areas. The Senior program delivers a wide range of Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority subjects (both Authority and Authority Registered) as well as providing opportunities for students to undertake vocational certificate level courses.   Programs for girls with a range of learning needs, for example the gifted and talented, are features of the Moreton Bay College Secondary School. 

In order for a program of this nature to operate successfully, a team of experienced, highly qualified and committed staff are essential. Staff members in the Moreton Bay College Secondary School demonstrate inordinate personal commitment to the girls. They have a strong work ethic, maintain very high professional standards through on-going training and development, and focus on the needs of the girls when planning and developing programs.

Through our educational program, students are exposed to an extraordinary range of opportunities to find their own level of success, which in turn seeks to build strong ‘sense of self’. Indeed, it is our strong commitment that every girl in our care will experience success in the program at Moreton Bay College.

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