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At Moreton Bay College we have well-developed and successful pastoral care practices to ensure that the transition to Secondary schooling is smooth and manageable for your daughter.

As well as our Orientation Program, which has an emphasis on fun and friendship, your daughter will be paired with an older student (Inter Year Carer) who will guide and support her through this first significant year in the Senior school. 

Our spirited House system is the main vehicle for our pastoral care approach. Each student is part of a House family and is allocated to a vertically structured Form class made up of students from Years 7 to 12. This structure promotes connectedness across year levels in the Secondary school, as well as providing opportunities for leadership and mentoring.

As an educator of girls for over 110 years, Moreton Bay College is well aware of the different needs of students at various developmental stages. The College has created an environment for our Secondary girls that is age appropriate, relevant, challenging, enjoyable, secure and engaging.

Academic classes are in year level groupings, as is the formal weekly pastoral care session with their SLL (Study of Life and Learning) teacher. However, our flexible timetable model allows for Year 7s to work with other students in the middle years in Year 7 to 9 chapel services and with students from Years 7 to 12 in Extended Form sessions and in House activities.

Should you have further queries or would like additional information about the transition of your daughter into the Secondary School at Moreton Bay College, please do not hesitate to contact our Head of Students, Mrs Janet Stewart, on 07 3390 8555.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will my daughter manage to move around the large Secondary campus without getting lost?

A: On Orientation Day your daughter’s IYC (Inter Year Carer) will take her for a walk around the College grounds and give her a map to build a sense of where each Department is housed on the Secondary campus. This is then reinforced on the first day of school in January when the IYC is given time in the morning to re-familiarise your daughter with the classrooms for each Department area.

Additionally, other girls in Years 8 to 12 are encouraged to help and direct any younger students who may look ‘lost’ in the first weeks of Secondary. Teachers are asked for understanding if a Year 7 student – or her older helper- is a little late to class. Girls usually adapt to the new environment very quickly with this support. 

Results from our Transition surveys inform us that moving from class to class is one aspect of Secondary school that girls really enjoy.

Q: How is the vertical pastoral care system different to the horizontal system used in the Primary School?

A: The vertical system is our major vehicle for pastoral care in the Secondary part of the College. Each girl will be a member of a House and within the House group she will be a member of a Form class. Currently, each House has eight form groups. These form groups are organised vertically in that they have 3-4 members from each year level. This means your daughter will be in form with girls from Years 7 to 12. This allows your daughter to build and develop healthy relationships with girls across all age groups; where courtesy and respect are nurtured as the cornerstones of all these interactions.

Each Form class is supported by a Form Teacher who sees your daughter in the morning at roll call and at mark off in the afternoon. They will also have an opportunity to further build a positive relationship with your daughter during House time once a week and they supervise and sit with their class at Assembly and Chapel – also once a week.

Overseeing and organising the administration of each House is the Head of House who works very closely with the Form Teachers to ensure that each girl has a sense of connection to her House and feels a valued member within the House family.

Q: What are the benefits to my daughter?

A: The vertical House system allows the girls to build authentic relationships across all age levels. This is a powerful mirror of the real world where we each learn to interact with people from all age groups in our professional and personal lives. We believe it also helps to foster a sense of family connection as our older girls become the ‘big sisters’ who look out for and support the younger girls. It also gives our younger students fine role models with respect to their presentation and conduct.

Q: Who can help my daughter with planning and organisation of assessment?

A: There are several support systems in place which can help your daughter with planning and time management. Firstly, her Inter Year Carer (IYC) will work closely with your daughter on organising her timetable and homework. This can be done on a daily basis as they will always be together in the locker area and at roll call each morning. The IYC is often given time at House in those early weeks to further exemplify what strategies the girls may apply to their own organisation.

More formally, support with planning and organisation is carried out via SLL (the Study of Life and Learning). Currently in the Year 7 program there is a unit which focuses on organisation and helps the girls construct their term planner. This then allows them to learn the art of daily and weekly goal setting in order to meet all the deadlines of a semester. This program is specifically designed for the age and skills of the younger adolescent.


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