Pastoral Care Approach

The school years hold many of the most demanding challenges of growing up and Moreton Bay College extends a guiding hand through its personal development and pastoral care programs.

Pastoral care is interwoven into the very fabric of the College and is seen as a collaborative partnership between students, parents and staff. We strive to create a community where girls feel safe, valued, connected, have a strong sense of belonging and of being valued and listened to. These elements provide an essential platform for the individual growth and success of each student. 


Pastoral Care in the Primary Years

In the Primary Years, students develop and grow in many different ways and are challenged to extend their range of personal skills. The most important pastoral carer for the Primary student is the classroom teacher with additional specialised support from the Deputy Head of Primary (Pastoral), the Head and Deputy Head of Primary, our part-time Primary Psychologist and the College Chaplain.  All class teachers across Primary are ably assisted by teacher aides, ensuring that each girl feels valued and safe in the school environment. 

Camps are a highlight for older students and form part of the leadership development that is integral to our Year 4, 5 and 6 programs.  Girls are also encouraged to put their hearts into helping others and all are involved in our Service Learning program.

Pastoral Care in the Secondary Years

Pastoral care is provided to students in Secondary through a vertical structure based on House membership. Girls belong to one of the four Houses, and within those houses each student belongs to a Form Class. These classes meet every morning to touch base, check notices and provide grounding for each girl.

Pastoral care is implemented informally through daily interactions with classroom teachers, Form Teachers, Heads of House, College Chaplain and the College Counsellor. Form Teachers play an integral role in the Pastoral Care system throughout the Secondary College where they are often the first and last point of contact for students on any school day.   

Click here to read more about how we assist students in Transitioning to Secondary at Moreton Bay College.  


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