Parents and Friends' Association

Moreton Bay College is fortunate to have an enthusiastic and active group of parent volunteers who give generously of their time to support new and continuing families of the College, and co-ordinate numerous fundraising events to support the future growth of our College. 

Contacting your P&F - 2017

Should you have any feedback or enquiries for the Parent & Friends' Association, please contact Hayley Morton, President at

Privacy Policy

The Moreton Bay College P&F Association is required to operate under the guidelines of the MBC Privacy Policy.  A copy of this policy can be located under our Policies and Handbook page here.

Sub-committees - 2017

The P&F is further enhanced by sub-committees that operate under its umbrella to serve the needs of the girls at the College. Specifically, these groups are: 

Each group comprises parents who are keen to support a particular area by way of assisting in the organisation of events, fund-raising and other activities to support the girls involved in these areas of excellence.  Involvement is welcomed throughout the year. 

Parent Representatives

Parent Representative contributions help with building and sustaining the famous MBC community spirit.

The role of the "Parent Rep" is mainly social, with parent representatives for each year level working together to:

  • Coordinate informal social events for their year level.
  • Support the work of the P&F.

One of the highly regarded outcomes of the Network is the organisation of great year level social functions for the parents providing an additional opportunity for parents and girls to get to know each other better in an informal social setting. Using the Network, parents are also able to come together in year levels to support fundraising endeavours of the College and support events as a group.

The Parent Representative Network also plays a crucial role in sustaining some of the great traditions of the College like coordinating the Mothers' Day & Fathers' Day stalls, and organising the Year 6 Graduation Ceremony supper, a lovely formality marking the end of Primary Years Learning.

P&F Constitution

pdfP&F Constitution @ 17.10.13

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