MBC and MBBC Amalgamation

Historical Turning Point

As of July 1, 2011 Moreton Bay College and Moreton Bay Boys’ College were amalgamated. This was a historical turning point in the evolution of both Colleges. The amalgamation of the Colleges made good sense on many levels. It was seen to be a natural extension of the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2008, and had been a long-held desire of the Boards.

The decision to join the Colleges together was, at its heart, quite simple – Moreton Bay College and Moreton Bay Boys’ College are stronger together. This unique proposition in private education offers families with male and female children all the benefits of single sex education and also the convenience of having co-ordinated term breaks and school events, as well as aligned values, policies and student behavioural expectations. 

Five minutes apart by car, both College's remain absolutely committed to excellence in single sex education. The schools remain separate legal entities, one committed to the education of girls and the other of boys, each with their own individual personalities and attributes, but which are now joined together to harness expertise, resources, knowledge, facilities and business functions to best effect.

First Steps

The first step in the amalgamation was to reorganise the current Board structure. There is now a single Board, representing each school independently, but both Boards now have the same members. 

Ms Jennifer Haynes, then Principal of Moreton Bay College, was appointed as Principal of both schools. The role of the Principal is to focus on the alignment of the two schools in matters of policy, programs and procedures, employment of staff and the strategic direction of The Moreton Bay Colleges, and oversight of the financial health of the two schools with the assistance of a common Chief Financial Officer.  Mr James Sloman, was appointed to the position of Executive Principal of The Moreton Bay Colleges in December 2014.

Mrs Jennifer Winn, MBC Head of College, and Mr Tony Wood, MBBC Head of College, are responsible for the detailed day-to-day running of the school and have input into the strategic development of the schools.  These positions report directly to the Principal.

Moving Forward

The Colleges continue to consider opportunities for expansion of co-curricular activities, introduction of new subjects, improved resources, and ability for teachers to work across both Colleges. 

For instance, our boys and girls audition for the other school's key drama performances and are invited to fill vacancies in musical ensembles.  Our Seniors meet each other in the closely fought "Battle of the Bays" competition of sport, debating and theatre arts.  The Leo's Clubs hold joint meetings and a joint MBC/MBBC group now attends the Independent School Christian Fellowship events.

As a result of a closer working relationship, the girls’ school will continue to benefit from the fruits of MBBC’s dynamism, innovation and strong global outlook.  Equally the boys’ school has gained from MBC’s high quality senior school curriculum and academic achievements.

Further Information

For further information about pursuing an education for your son or daughter at either of The Moreton Bay Colleges, please contact our Registrars on
07 3249 9322.


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