Christian Life and Worship

Primary Chapel

Christian spirituality is the underlying inspiration that epitomises our philosophy and approach at Moreton Bay College.  We are under the guidance of the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) and warmly welcome girls from all backgrounds and faiths who are open to participation in our Worship services and Religious Education program. 

The College Chaplains, Mrs Narelle McNamara in Primary, and Reverend Peter Hobson in Secondary, have key roles in facilitating the ongoing development of our Christian community.  This means continuing to create a school environment in which Christian teachings and values are prioritised and promoted: where the girls have the opportunity to develop a relationship with Christ; where care and compassion for students, staff and parents is displayed; and where Christian concern and love for the less fortunate is developed through our social justice and community service programs.

Worship is both a personal and community invitation to engage with the Gospel of Christ and is an integral and compulsory part of life at Moreton Bay College, with weekly services conducted in both the Primary and Secondary Schools, while our Prep students attend one Chapel service each term.  All major Christian festivals are celebrated within the College community; namely Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. While the College Chaplains prepare and offer these services, students are encouraged to participate and lead through prayers, Bible readings, music, drama and dance. 

Student Leaders in the Primary and Secondary Schools have specific responsibilities for weekly Worship services as part of their leadership portfolios. Girls are also provided with further opportunities to develop their Christian spirituality through co-curricular groups, namely ROCK and SUPA Club.

The Religious Education Program is the responsibility of Ms Judy Harris as Academic Head of Religious Education and the role complements the work of the Chaplains; however, the classroom focus uses an educational approach to learning about, learning of and learning from religion. The opportunity to investigate issues of spirituality, faith, beliefs and ethics in Religious Education classes encourages girls to use an objective, inquiry approach, with age-appropriate questioning to assist developing their knowledge and understanding of religious issues in the 21st century.

Religious Education and Worship at Moreton Bay College

Courage, Wisdom and Faith in God - MBC Queensland Day 2012 Speech by Miss Kathryn Kerridge

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