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For over 110 years Moreton Bay College has encouraged girls to be the best they can be.  While consistently rating as one of Brisbane's top-performing academic schools, our College is a place for every girl to develop her individual strengths and the confidence to make her unique contribution to the world.

Achieving this does not come about by chance.  It happens through genuine responsiveness to each girl's needs, through the joy of learning that permeates the College and through a warm spirit of Christian compassion that underlies everything we do.

Come and discover our extensive facilities on hectares of spacious surroundings, landscaped grounds just 15 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD.  Meet happy, respectful girls enjoying every stage of their education, from Prep through to Year 12.  Talk to enthusiastic teachers who are passionately involved in every aspect of school life.

Be part of our unique heritage and be inspired by an education that develops both the academic strengths and life skills to underpin an outstanding future.


The College curriculum provides a comprehensive program at all levels - to stimulate, inspire, motivate and push the boundaries of the girls’ cognitive, affective and physical abilities. With the highest possible standards of intellectual education, intimately linked to the full development of our girls’ personal character and integrity, every Moreton Bay graduate can meet her future with positive self-esteem and confidence in her own abilities. 


The Moreton Bay College environment is purpose-designed on an expansive site where girls enjoy open vistas, with fresh bay breezes.  The College has extensive libraries, science laboratories, sports complexes, a state-of-the-art music and performance centre, an Olympic sized swimming pool and a chapel.

Co-Curricular Activities

At Moreton Bay College, girls enjoy exceptional opportunities to discover what they are really capable of and to experience a broad range of sporting and cultural activities, with most located on our own extensive campus.

As well as extending individual skills to the highest level, the co-curricular program is an important element in developing teamwork, building perseverance, discovering courage and fostering creativity.  Girls often connect with a sport or cultural activity that will be a lifelong passion.  Many take this to the elite level and find a satisfying career in the activity they love.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is interwoven into the very fabric of Moreton Bay College and is seen as a collaborative partnership between students, parents and staff. We strive to create a community where girls feel safe, valued, connected, have a strong sense of belonging and of being valued and listened to. These elements provide an essential platform for the individual growth and success of each student.



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