The OP and Selection Rank achievements of the Seniors of 2018 continue a tradition of academic excellence at Moreton Bay College.

At MBC, each student is encouraged to aspire to be her best and to strive to work to her full potential. This was evident not only in the academic outcomes for the graduates of 2018, but also through the leadership and inspiration they provided in the College’s broad and diverse co-curricular programme. The 2018 Senior Legacy, “The Louder you Roar the Higher We Soar,” was evident in the consistent and positive approach students applied to their learning.

The Seniors of 2018 approached the multi-faceted outstanding student experience at the College with aplomb. Each student embraced their own unique journey whether it be academic, spiritual, cultural, sporting, or a combination of these, with energy and enthusiasm.

In a context where MBC proudly offers a range of pathways for students and sees girls achieving their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), our results continue to place us very comparably alongside high-achieving schools. 

Given that we are an open entry school, the strong 2018 OP results further reinforce confidence in the quality of the educational provision, particularly with respect to teaching at the College.

At MBC, we pride ourselves on providing students with an outstanding experience. The recent results and chosen post-school pathways of our students reinforces the high quality education and broad choices available at MBC.

Of our 2018 Year 12 cohort, 76% of our students were OP Eligible.

1 – 534.8%
1 – 1075.2%
1 – 1597.7%

QCS Results

In the Queensland Core Skills Test, 23.86% of OP-eligible students in Year 12 at MBC were awarded an A, compared to 12.95% of females across the State. Approximately 60.22% of OP-eligible students received an A or B compared to 37.49% of girls in the State.

While OP scores and selection ranks are just one outcome of the rich and varied education that girls receive at Moreton Bay College, they are a key that unlocks doorways to the future. MBC’s Careers Programme equips students to plan appropriately for their post-school lives and this, combined with their excellent academic results, ensures that our graduates are well-placed to secure entry into their chosen courses as they further their education.

Destinations of 2018 Graduates

An impressive 99.05% of the Moreton Bay College Year 12 Class of 2018 who applied for a tertiary course were made an offer. Against fierce competition across the State, 80% were offered their first choice course and a total of 88.57%, their first and second preferences.

Of note is the variety of career paths our graduates have chosen. The range is diverse and reflects the girls’ individuality and confidence. Through their application and hard work they have established the skills, attitudes and attributes that will stand them in good stead in the future. 

While congratulating the graduates on their achievements, the College also acknowledges the teachers who give so willingly of their knowledge, expertise and out-of-hours time to supporting the academic and co-curricular pursuits of the students, as well as the commitment and support of the girls’ families who enter into a partnership with the College while their daughters are with us.

The achievements and destinations of our Seniors of 2018 remind us that outstanding academic development can go hand in hand with all-round growth and development. This broad and balanced education is what best equips our graduates to make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead of them with courage and hope.