Welcome to the Moreton Bay College Early Learning - Year 12 Student Art Exhibition for 2022.  

Visual Art

Year 12 - Melanie M

Relativity in Colonisation explores the colonisation of Australia by European peoples (primarily British) and the effect this had upon the Australian First Nations peoples.

Relativity in Colonisation

Year 12 - Mai L

Dreams often can feel so vivid it can be hard to differentiate them from reality. For this piece, I aimed to capture the blurred lines between the sensations occurring during sleep and real-life.

When I Close My Eyes

Year 12 - Isabella K

'Resero' is an adaptation of my previous focus – memory and nostalgia, explored in a personal and contemporary context.


Year 12 - Pani S

Delam is a work that finally communicates what has always been incommunicable; a part of my identity that, in the Australian context, could never be translated.


Year 12 - Abbey S

Moment in Time is a recollection of memories throughout time as an informed exploration of Art as Alternate.

Moment In Time

Year 12 - Lucy M

Today and Before explores a personal journey through a contemporary context, highlighting how a selection of different materials from unlike places can be used to create artworks, this including both natural and manmade.

Today and Before

Year 12 - Sarah K

Perception is a contemporary series of work that reflects how different human emotions alter the perspective and world view of an individual.


Year 12 - Priya D

Reassembles themes of body dissociation, and the relationship between internal energy and external physical appearance of the human body.


Year 12 - Libby A

Printed Experiences were developed through self-discovery and personal context of what the source of water means to me.

Printed Experiences

Visual Arts in Practice

Year 12 - Rachael K

Our Aquatic Future is about the environmental issue of ocean pollution, in particular, the great pacific garbage patch.

Our Aquatic Future

Year 12 - Tayla R

My artwork is about littering in the environment and how it affects animals in the ocean, from turtles to seahorses.

Cultural Guests

Spirits of the Red Sands

Special Acknowledgements

Walter Nock Family

For ongoing support of the Visual Arts/ Providing gifts prizes money and bursary.

Walter Nock as Judge for Year 7 and 9.

Performing Arts Supporters Group

Suppliers of Visual Art Equipment and Prize Packs

Ongoing support of Visual Arts

Alison Kubler

As Guest speaker and supplier of Art Journals as Prizes

Curator and Writer, Editor, VAULT vaultmagazine.com

Member, Council, National Gallery of Australia 

Co-author Art/Fashion in the 21st Century (Thames & Hudson)

Twitter @AlisonKubler | Instagram @alikubieLlani Creative

MBC Board 

All MBC staff and MBC students

MBC Marketing Department

Art Captains -   Pani Safa | Melanie Mulvaney |Mai Lee

Mrs Janet Stewart | Head of College and Mrs Rebecca Lennon | Head of Primary

Cultural Captain – Shannon Delaney

Piper Miller and Emma Watson Year 12 Student Volunteers

Bella Winning, Sarah Emery, Poppy Meale and Sam Readon | Year 11 Student Volunteers

Grey Ward, Eloise Rothfield and Gabby Shehab | Year 10 Student Volunteers

Special Guest and Curator

Holly Anderson

Daniel Butterworth, Glen Skien and
Jemica Ostrofski - Meekz Contemporary Jewellery

Guest Artists

Daniel Butterworth
Guest Artist for Year 9 Visual Art

Glen Skien
Guest Artist for Year 10, 11 and 12 Visual Art

Meeks Contemporary Jewellery
Guest Artist for Year 11 and 12 Visual Arts in Practice

Adam Busby
Guest Artist for Year 11 and 12 Visual Arts in Practice

Sophie Munns
Guest Artist for Year 10, 11 and 12 Visual Art

Kim Ah Sam
Guest Artist for Year 10 Visual Art

Claudia Williams
Guest Artist for Year 10 Visual Art

Shara Delaney
Guest Artist for Rebel Art Collective - Reconciliation Art Mural Project
Proud women of Noounccal, Ngugi and Gorenpul clan groups of Quandamook