Visual Art

Bottle Animals

In this Sculpture unit the students looked at the aesthetic qualities of a chosen animal. The animal needed to be designed around the constraint of a plastic bottle as its base. Construction materials were used to build up the animal’s features and then covered with papier-mâché. Various painting and collage techniques were used to create the animal’s skin and distinguishing features. This unit of work linked to the students’ Unit of Inquiry, ‘Every organism has certain features that enable survival’.

Landscape Collage

The students explored landscapes in Art, discussing and comparing landscape artworks by various Australian artists to improve their understanding of the variety of painting and compositional methods used by painters. They created a variety of collage papers and collaged their own landscape by tearing and cutting the paper.


The students looked at a variety of portrait artists that displayed emotion in their artworks and painted in a variety of different ways. The students decided which style they most aesthetically appreciated. They then created a portrait of their own that depicted an emotion and displayed their chosen aesthetic style. This artwork connects to their Unit of Inquiry, ‘Aesthetic appreciation inspires an emotional response’.