Visual Art

Clay Bird and Nest

The students created a clay bird and nest. They learnt various clay modelling and glazing techniques. Each artwork needed to display textural pattern and reflect their design plan. Changes in the clay were observed and discussed through each step of the process.

Coat of Arms

The students designed a personal Coat of Arms using signs and symbols that represent themselves. They explored the format of a traditional Coat of Arms and then created their own using a variety of images that had personal meaning. This linked to their Unit of Inquiry, ‘The remains of the past have significance to a community’.

Colour Mixing Portrait

The students painted their own colour wheel. They mixed secondary and tertiary colours and learnt about harmonising and complementary colours. The girls used oil pastels to transfer a photograph of their face, which was then painted in a limited colour scheme with their knowledge of the colour wheel. This unit of work linked to the students’ Unit of Inquiry, ‘Objects and events have attributes that can be measured’.

Indigenous Painting

The students investigated a range of traditional and contemporary Indigenous Australian artworks. They discussed how Indigenous Australians have a strong connection to their land and often told stories in their artworks about sacred sites, journeys and local traditions using a range of symbols and painting techniques. The students created a mixed media artwork that displayed their own journey from home to school using an aerial viewpoint. This unit of work linked to the students’ Unit of Inquiry, ‘There are similarities and differences across cultures.’

Leaf Experiments

The students did a variety of experiments using a range of leaves for inspiration. The draw with pencil, paint pens, oil pastels. Collaged, used watercolour paints and paint rollers. When completed the students organed their images for final presentation.