Visual Art 

Clay Butterflies

The students explored the visual qualities and symmetry of a butterfly. They learnt various clay modelling and glazing techniques with an emphasis on symmetrical colour and pattern. This linked to their Unit of Inquiry, ‘Exploring patterns leads to new understandings’.

Emotion in Faces

The students explored emotions through portraiture. They looked at the work of portrait artists and drew and painted their own portrait focusing on features that make their face unique. The girls explored how to express different emotions in their portrait by using certain facial features and colours. They created a three-dimensional papier-mâché mask that used a variety of materials to express their feelings through colour and decoration. This unit of work linked to their Unit of Inquiry, Communication influence relationships.


The students explored the artwork of artists who depict the landscape in different seasons. They discussed their use of colour and texture to create a feeling of that season. Students selected a season and created a mixed media artwork featuring a tree that also created the feeling of their season.