Visual Arts

Portrait Paints

The Pre-Prep children were excited to create a portrait of their Dad and brainstorm what features their Dad might have. We talked about facial features, ears, beards, glasses and hair. The children began to form an idea of how their Daddy might look and realised that the Dads would all look different. We planned where body parts might be positioned on a page with a head at the top and big enough to fit the facial features inside, with a body in the middle and feet at the bottom.

The children drew carefully and purposefully with permanent marker and then painted with watercolour. Each artwork is unique and created enthusiastically by the children with their own special Dad in mind.

Active Learning: building positive dispositions towards learning; being creative and imaginative

Wellbeing: exploring ways to promote physical wellbeing; developing strength and control

Identity: building a confident self-identity; developing awareness of own culture

Sculptural Mobile

The Pre-Prep children created some beautiful clay pieces with Mrs Levick our Art specialist. They pressed a variety of natural textures into the soft clay surface investigating the different patterns the materials made. Mrs Levick fired the pieces and returned them to the children inviting them to paint the hardened surfaces with watercolour paints. 

The children were enthusiastic to paint the textured surface and talked with Mrs Levick about what might happen with the artwork next?

The children made connections with the natural sculpture from Stradbroke Island created by the indigenous Quandamooka people that hangs in their room. Evie had replicated it with collage materials earlier in the week. Mrs Levick listened to their ideas and arranged the pieces on string for the children to discuss and work out how they would display their work.

Yesterday, the children considered the possibilities at a meeting and agreed that they could use a large branch to hang the clay work. Victoria held one of the strings and said that it felt very “heavy” so it would need to be a strong branch. The children discussed how we could hang such a heavy installation. Becker identified that if the wind blew it, the clay pieces would bang together and break, so we couldn’t hang it outside or where the wind blew strongly, like the doorway. They thought Mr Dan might be able to hang it for us as he had helped us with building issues previously.

Together they drafted a message for Mr Dan which Ms Knight emailed to him.

The next day before school, Mr Dan was on our doorstep with his tools ready to install the beautiful hanging sculpture!

The children were excited and satisfied that Mr Dan had successfully helped with their plan and they can enjoy their magnificent sculpture whenever they are indoors. 

 Connectedness: Building positive relationships; connecting with and relating to others

 Active learning: being imaginative and creative the change in the clay.