May – August 2021

As the rain poured down, the children discovered an interest in how the rain felt, how the rain sounded and how the wind blew the rain. To continue this interest, the children were invited to paint what they could hear and see. They gathered around a large piece of paper and self-selected their own paint, spending time conversing and thinking about what colours, lines and shapes represented the rain. “This is a picture of it heavy”, explained Bailey. “That’s the thunder and I am painting it black”, continued Zara. “I’m making silver everywhere – it has lots of rain coming down like silver spots”, said Mia. Throughout the month of May, on rainy days, the children continued to add to their representations.

To continue this investigation, the children decided they would like to create a series of artworks. They explored the use of beads, selecting blue, grey, white, silver, and black colours. “They are like the rain”, explained Fraser. “If we hang them – it’s like rain because they go down”, continued Grace. The children were donated a vintage bike wheel to help express their thinking. The children continually revisited their artwork, adding beaded wire and string. They also selected different coloured material and experimented with tying knots and distressing fabric to add texture.

They worked together to agree on a name for their project. As it rained, the children gazed out, collecting the rain in their hands, holding it on their fingertips and watching it bubble “Raindrops” said Boston “Raindrops”, said the kindergarten children.

Representations of Rain

Completed Artwork