Towers on Quandamooka land

July – August 2021

A love for building has developed over time within the block and loose parts area. Blocks have become hammers, walls, archways, block houses built for friends and much more. A block in one hand as a hammer and, in the other hand, a block for construction.

Golf tees were introduced as an extension to their construction interest. This enabled the children to use a golf tee like a nail, and a block like a hammer.  Hammering golf tees into the ground and connecting them with string and loose parts.  Children immersed themselves into the role of a builder, “I’m very busy, I am making a village” Harper said. “I am doing a very good job because I am building” Harrison said. “I love construction. I am very strong with the hammer” Jeremy said. “Where are my nails” Millie asked. “Builders get a lunch break” Henry told his friends before placing his tools down.

The children discovered they loved building with tees. To extend  this even further, real nails, hammers and soft Balsa wood were introduced with a self-selection of loose parts for the children to extend  their ideas and thinking. “I want it to be tall like a tower” Harper continued. “I want to live in that big tower” Harry said. “I know, lets make big towers for everybody” Piper said with excitement. “The buttons are yellow, orange and black, some leaves are orange”, Emma said. “The orange remind me of oranges in a tree” Piper said hammering in an orange bottle cap. “The yellow string looks like the sun” Alexis shared as she wrapped the string around the art piece. “Green is going to be the grass”  Piper twirled the green ribbon around the wood and hammered in a bottle cap. “This orange is going to be the flower” Elijah said hammering into the art piece.  “The CD is going to be the rainbow”, Bella said.  

During our morning acknowledgement of country, the children began to make connections between the colours they were using, their own towers and the Quandamooka land on which they play. 

When reading the story titled Little Cloud, by Eric Carle, Zara suggested “we need to add clouds to the towers”. After many  discussions, the children were invited to place their towers on mirrors to reflect the clouds on Quandamooka land. 

Our Yungun children give thanks for the special land on which they play. Giving thanks for the “flowers, grass and trees. The wood and nails and hammering”.  Our towers continue to develop and grow with the children. 

Completed Artwork