Transient Art

March to August 2021

The Gula Room children started engaging in sensory exploration with a variety of art mediums at the beginning of 2021. These experiences support the development of their sensory capabilities and provide opportunities for the children to develop an understanding of different ways to express their ideas and make meaning. 

 The children experimented with painting with their hands, and then brushes on paper and mirrors; colour change on the light table with materials such as coloured cellophane; and light projected onto darkened walls.  These interactions were the inspiration to create a shared artwork on a large, stretched canvas.  This piece of transient art has been a constantly evolving process of rich creativity in action, giving the children the opportunity to manipulate, explore and experiment, working individually or collaboratively over time. 

The children have created their own unique markings on the canvas, using a variety of different art mediums and techniques.  Layer upon layer of crayon, art paint, Textas and pencils, water colours and oil pastels have been added to the canvas.  Ochre has been brushed onto the canvas, using a crushed ochre and water mixture, or by firstly rubbing brushes across wet ochre rocks.  This has also added texture to the piece.  Hands, and even feet, have become tools to apply the ochre colouring.  Out in the garden one day, when barefooted, with the canvas flat on the ground, Charlie began to rub the ochre mixture onto the soles of his feet, sharing his discovery by holding his foot up to Ms Tiah.  Austin, Zoe, and Bronte mimicked this action, and Austin explained, “Rock on there,” as he rubbed his feet with ochre. 

 Many of these experiences have taken place out in the garden, where the canvas has been propped against the fence offering different perspectives and angles for the children to engage with the piece.  The canvas has even been out on nature play adventures, carried out in the four-seater buggies with the children to 'Mud Hill’ (named by children at the centre last year).  This space is near the edge of the campus grounds where the children play under large eucalyptus trees and trail up and down a dirt embankment.  As the canvas lay on the grass William pointed to it and was then joined by the other children who skimmed their hands across its surface. 

We are excited to share a photo of this artwork at this moment in time, capturing what will soon be a memory of this artwork, as the children will continue to revisit their piece, and it will continue to evolve and change into the future.

Completed Artwork