Visual Art - Art as Lens

Artist Statement

The focus of my artworks is people place and things. I explored this focus through various mediums, using the inquiry learning model set by the teacher to help guide my experiments. The folio includes my most successful works which display my divergent thinking, application of a wide range of media and idea development.

My folio explores the idea of art not having to be beautiful as explored through the research completed on Jana Sterback. Sterback’s works are more focused on the intended meaning behind the works, rather than the beauty of it. The concept was explored in my charcoal drawing I completed while listening to the song Brother by Matt Corby. I tried to grasp the meaning behind the song, with the focus not being on the beauty of the work.

Linking to the theme of people, place, and things, I completed three artworks of a girl to explore different processes while maintaining the focus of people. In addition, I tried exploring with different materials and processes, such as photography,  collaging, drawing and painting.

Photography, People, Places and Objects

Visual Diary

Visual Art - Art as Code

Sculpture in light

Sculpture at night