Visual Art - Art as Lens

Artist Statement

The focus for the folio was on people, places, and objects, creating each artwork with the context of “Art as lens”. I investigated different inspirations for my artworks keeping in mind the lens in which each artwork was conveyed by. Within this folio, there are multiple artworks which reflect the focus and context, these are all further explored through supporting evidence which was gathered over a matter of weeks.  Through creating a range of two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork with lots of different media, I have aimed to represent my personal viewpoint of “art as lens”.

When compiling my folio, I kept in mind the influence of the different artists I had explored throughout the unit, this helped me to create different artworks which relate to people, places, and objects. I explored artists such as Marin Creed; who introduced me to readymade art, and I resonated with the fact that he said  “art exhibitions should be like a long theatre show”. I created all my artworks to tell a story and represent something from the context they were created. This idea further supports the main context of how we create and view art with a lens. All of the artworks presented are all associated through “art as lens” and concentrate on people, places, and objects.

Photography, People, Places and Objects

Visual Art - Art as Code