Visual Art - Art as Lens

Artist Statement

The focus of my folio is on people, places and objects. I explored people, places and objects through the different lenses investigated throughout this unit of work. The use of media and development within my folio includes two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and digital works. These works are of a personal context as I used evidence of my childhood, places I have been and things around me in my home. All shown from my perspective as the artist. My folio has been influenced by contemporary artists using their works to express or create perspective. Marcel Duchamp’s readymade art, Peter Kogler’s depth perception works and the concept of art as lens made me realise that art is from the perspective of the artist. I used the idea that art is viewed from the perspective created by the artist. This is done through the creation of photo collages and montages, readymade art using objects around the house and mixed media to create works which represent my perspective.

Photography, People, Places and Objects

Visual Art - Art as Code

Art in the Quad

School Uniform

Visual Arts in Practice

Module 1: Forms and Function

Visual Arts in Practice

Module 2: At Home Learning

Visual Arts in Practice

Module 3: Commercial Photography