VISUAL ART Drawing and Painting

The Atmospheric

Students combine their exploration of the figure with multiple drawing media and techniques to create a series of works to address the theme of ‘The Atmospheric’. Artists such as Jon Cattapan, Euan McCloud and Kathryn Del Barton were researched to help inform the artwork. Life drawing experimentation and technical skills in both painting and drawing are used to create moody figurative landscapes.

Still Life Drawings

VISUAL ART Wearable Art

The Extreme

In collaboration, students created a folio of work including a wearable art piece that can be worn on or extended from the body. The folio and final work reflected elements of design, inspired by Postmodern and Contemporary art practices. Students explored the practice of Claudia Williams from Llani Creative who is an international wearable art designer. Themes suggesting social message with a sustainable focus were investigated to help inform a narrative within their work.

Digital Folio Example

VISUAL ART Mixed Media and Printing


In this unit students explore Mixed media and Printmaking to create a series of experimental artworks as a folio. They investigate artworks by Theo Jansen, Patricia Piccinini, Michelangelo and the genre of Steampunk to consider ways in which art could be kinetic and the morphing of human and mechanical imagery. Students also had the opportunity to workshop with Guest Artist Nancy Brown. The gallery of images presented here are Mono Prints created in the workshop with Nancy.