Visual Art - Art as Lens

Artist Statement

The focus of my folio is to incorporate people, places, and objects into the focus concept of ‘Art as Lens’. I explored how artists apply different lenses and viewpoints, to create new ways of meaning and representation within their work. Within my folio, I choose to include the experiments that were most successful at demonstrating my use of mix media, the development of my ideas and the divergent thinking that went with it.  This includes two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and digital works. I used the QCAA example and the set experimental activities in class to guide me to completion.

My works concern personal and environmental concepts which surround my own personal viewpoints and how I see the world around us. The concepts within my work and my style have been influenced by various contemporary artists who explore a range of mix media and similar ideas. Martin Creed’s work includes objects that he has manipulated and re-presented as something new and unusual. I keep this concept, that art can be made from anything and everything, prevalent in mind and aimed to connect it to my work. I want my work to tell stories about me and suggest to the viewer an abstract depiction of an event that has happened in my own  life. All my works are unique in their processes and media however they all connect through the concept of ‘Art as Lens.’

Photography, People, Places and Objects

Digital Portfolios

Visual Diary


Stop Motion Animation

Visual Art - Art as Code