Visual Art

Plant Ink Drawing

Year Four students explored the unique qualities of Australian plants through a series of observational drawings with pen and ink. Inspired by botanist Sir Joseph Banks and Australian artist Margaret Preston, they used these drawings to create a design that they painted using coloured inks. This links to their unit on exploration and migration.

Clay Functional Object

The students completed a clay unit. Linking to their Unit of Inquiry, ‘The purpose and function of a structure influences its design’, the girls had to design a mug inspired an animal that was functional and visually appealing. Various clay moulding, textural applications and glaze techniques were used to create the artworks.

Colour Poem Inspiration

The students created an artwork based on a poem they wrote about colour. The students were asked to consider the meaning of the words in the poem and to use visual devices to reflect its meaning in their art piece. Watercolour paints, pen and coloured pencils were applied to the drawings. This art piece related to their Unit of Inquiry, ‘The need to share feelings and experiences leads to creative expression’