Moreton Bay College offers virtual courses for international students. The courses available include virtual High School Preparation and Virtual Study Tours. These courses offer a great opportunity to experience the College from within your home country.   

Virtual High School Preparation (5 weeks, 4 days/week, 2 hours/day)

The Moreton Bay Colleges offer Virtual High School Preparation, enabling students to prepare for study at an elite Australian High School. Students can connect directly with our College teachers to learn about the school, culture, life and how to study in Australia. Virtual High School Preparation offers students:

  • An elite Australian high school education online
  • A taste of high school in Australia
  • A western education course
  • Online English Tutoring
  • Teaching by Australian teachers

For further information, please see the VHSP flyer or email

Virtual Study Tours (5 days, 2 hours/day)

The Virtual Study Tours, enable students to have an Australian experience from the comfort of their own classroom.  Schools can connect directly with an elite school in Australia, to learn about culture, school and life in Australia. Virtual Study Tours offer students the opportunity to:

  • Join an elite Australian School
  • Meet and speak to Australian students
  • Broaden cultural awareness
  • Improve English 

Our virtual study tour will experience the Buddy Class Programme.  This programme allows our international students to experience life and school in Australia, connecting with an Australian class.  They will spend time learning together online in cultural exchange.  This is a good chance for international students to make Australian friends online.  Please see the Sample Itinerary and further details in our brochure.


Virtual High School Preparation students commence in January, April, July or October.

Virtual Study Tours commence at any time during the year.  To book or for further information, please email