Welcome to Moreton Bay College.

For over 115 years, Moreton Bay College has enabled
girls to be the best they can be.

While consistently rating as one of Brisbane’s top-performing academic schools, our College is a place for every girl to develop her individual strengths and the confidence to make her unique contribution to the world. Achieving this does not come about by chance. It happens through genuine responsiveness to each girl’s needs, through the joy of learning that permeates the College and through a warm spirit of Christian compassion that underlies everything we do.

At MBC our students are encouraged to extend themselves intellectually and to strive to achieve - whether this is in the classroom, on the playing field or on the stage. For a young girl to grow into a woman capable of dealing with any of life's challenges they need a school experience that allows them to have both breadth of mind, and depth of heart.

Like our brother school, Moreton Bay Boys’ College, Moreton Bay College has a strong and long-standing tradition in single-sex education. The College was founded in 1901 by Miss Alison Greene and her sister Anne. The College has had a strong philosophy of educating the whole person – body, mind, heart and spirit. The focus on academic excellence, underpinned by a rich and caring pastoral programme serves as the foundation of the educational experience for our girls. This is coupled with a vibrant and strong co-curricular programme across visual and performing arts, cultural activities and a wide range of sports.

Girls need an environment that gives both boundaries and freedom to explore and experiment, to take risks, to debate and challenge. Moreton Bay College provides this, and our outstanding teaching staff strive to ensure girls achieve their personal best, embrace the opportunities to develop as leaders, to volunteer, to develop courage to overcome and to act with integrity. As a forward-thinking College, Moreton Bay College will encourage your daughter to consider both local and international environments in order to prepare for a world where she will increasingly be working globally and be working alongside colleagues from across the globe. It is evident that the world of work is changing, and we are compelled to prepare her for this.

Choosing a school can be one of the most challenging and difficult decisions a parent can make. While this can seem overwhelming, it is worth remembering that it is an investment in your daughter’s future. I believe you can feel a great school and it is only by visiting Moreton Bay College that you will get a feeling for the values and culture present. As a Christian school in the Uniting Church tradition, our school is committed to fostering the personal, moral and academic growth of our students.

I encourage all parents to look for the school that best suits the needs and interests of their daughter. Moreton Bay College has an abundance of opportunities for girls to explore, and to discover their strengths.

For your daughter to shine she will need a school that cares for her; that knows her. To thrive, she will need to be safe and free from harm and bullying. To excel, she will need kind, patient and intelligent guidance from teachers who are experts in the way girls learn. For her to shine, she needs to have strong and firm boundaries where she feels respected.

This is the foundation of the Moreton Bay College experience, and I invite you to become a part of this extraordinary place!

Keep shining.

Mr James Sloman
Executive Principal