The Business Faculty continually strives to provide students with up-to-date, relevant information and experiences based on current industry practices. We aim to equip students with skills and processes that allow them to achieve success at a tertiary institution and integrate seamlessly into the workforce. We encourage the girls to become confident young women capable of making decisions that reflect the triple bottom line in business – financial, social and environmental responsibilities.

Faculty staff are committed to maintaining up-to-date technological skills and through their own business experiences, provide students with realistic, meaningful activities to enhance the girls' learning. It is our aim to develop in the students the need to:

  • respect for other’s opinions
  • work collaboratively to achieve desired business outcomes
  • enjoy learning so they can become the best they possibly can be
  • understand the need for excellent communication and technology skills
  • interact confidently and effectively
  • prepare a variety of genre relevant to the business world
  • take responsibility for their own learning by developing the confidence to seek assistance when necessary

The Business subjects offered at the College are Accounting, Business Communication and Technologies, Legal Studies and Business Studies.


Accounting provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the processes involved in recording, analysing, interpreting and reporting financial data using both manual techniques and computer software packages. Students become aware of the importance of correct data for making informed decisions for a business to remain sustainable in today's changing world. They apply learned theoretical aspects to solve issues relating to recorded information and examine the social, ethical and professional responsibilities of accountants in an international business environment.

Business Communication and Technologies

Business Communication and Technologies fosters intellectual development by encouraging students to think critically about the changing world of business. They examine social, ethical, cultural and environmental implications of business activities and the roles that leaders, governments and employees play in these processes.

Relevant topics such as the use of social media, managing people, whistleblowers, sustainability and international business allow the students to see the relevance of their learning to actual business situations. To enhance their learning, the girls participate in videoconferences with business experts and discuss current business issues with guest visitors. All learning is underpinned with an understanding of the need for excellent communication, quality workteams and efficient technology skills.

Business Studies

Business Studies provides exciting opportunities for students to develop a small business undertaking in order to make a profit. Through their experiences they learn the importance of effective communication, workteams, maintaining accurate records, decision making and managing money. More importantly, they learn about the need to provide for their own security through investing and superannuation.

Students incorporate into their learning an understanding of the ever-changing global environments within which businesses operate and the need to appreciate the beliefs systems from other cultures. By examining the role of the consumer in a global society, the girls at Moreton Bay College become aware of their own rights and responsibilities in becoming effective consumers.

Legal Studies

Through involvement in Legal Studies, it is hoped that Year 11 and 12 students will be better able to recognise the numerous legal situations and issues that arise in their everyday lives. These situations and issues often have legal implications that affect the rights and obligations of themselves and other community members. An outcome of this course of study is that students will understand the historical and social factors that have led society to regulate certain activities within it.

Students have responsibility for accessing and using information from diverse sources on matters affecting them. Through critical analysis, examination and problem solving, they are empowered to make decisions which may benefit not only the individual but also the community. Throughout their study, students will collect, analyse, organise and evaluate the quality and validity of legal information. Students will also plan and organise inquiry activities, observations and other forms of data generation, to comment on the social relevance of law in local communities and Australian society.

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