MBC Gymnastics – Queensland’s Top Performer

Over the weekend, 24 – 26 June, the 2011 Queensland Gymnastic Championships for Women’s Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics was staged at the Sleeman Sports Complex, Chandler. 

The MBC Centre of Excellence Rhythmic and Artistic Gymnastic Programs achieved outstanding results; confirming their position as the Premier Women’s Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics Program in Queensland.


Leading the Moreton Bay College charge were Rhythmic Senior International and Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, Danni Prince; Rhythmic Junior International, Zoe Ormrod; and Women’s Artistic Junior InternationalsGeorgia Godwin and Jazmine Casis.

 Both Danni and Zoe were crowned State Champions, with Gold Medals in all events (5 each); and Georgia (4 Gold, 1 Silver) and Jazmine (1 Gold, 3 Silver), crowned State Champion and Runner up (respectively) in the Women’s Artistic Junior International Event.

 MBC’s other All Around State Champions included

  • Stephanie Zeilinga (WAG Level 5) – Gold AA, Gold Beam, Bronze Floor
  • Anika Tenaglia (WAG Level 6) – Gold AA, Gold Vault, Silver Beam
  • Alina Aitken (WAG Level 7) – Gold AA, Gold Vault, Silver Bars, Bronze Floor
  • Bianca Wardell (WAG Level 8) – Gold AA, Gold Bars & Beam, Silver Floor, Bronze Vault
  • Brianna Wong (WAG Level 9) – Gold AA, Gold Bars, Bronze Vault 
  • Imogen Mitchell (RG Level 5) Gold AA
  • Mia Broedelet (RG Level 6) Gold AA
  • Erin Marshall (RG Level 7) – Gold AA, Gold Hoop & Clubs, Bronze Ball
  • Jessica Watzek (RG Level 8) – Gold AA, Gold Hoop, Ball, Clubs & Ribbon
  • Sub Junior Group (Mia Brodelet, Zoe Craig, Alannah Mathews, Laura Gosling, Maya Bennett) – Gold AA
  • Junior Group (Ripley Beck, Erin Marshall, Chloe Nelson, Jessica Watzek, Ashley Wood, Nikita Rosendahl) – Gold AA
  • Saskia Broedelet (RG Level 5 International) – Gold AA, Gold Ribbon, Silver Ball & Freehand
  • Audrey Freeman (RG Level 6 International) – Gold AA, Gold Freehand, Rope, Ball & Ribbon
  • Laura Gosling (RG Level 7 International) – Gold AA, Gold Hoop, Ribbon & Freehand
  • Maya Bennett (RG Level 8 International) – Gold AA, Gold Hoop, Ball, Clubs & Ribbon 

The Medal Tally and State Champion Awards for both disciplines are as follows; 

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics 

  • MBC wins 6 of 10 State championship Titles contested.
  • MBC takes 18 Gold, 7 Silver and 5 Bronze Medals
  • Including 6 All Around State Champions

Rhythmic Gymnastics

  • MBC wins 10 of 11 State Championship Titles contested
  • MBC takes 35 Gold, 13 Silver and 11 Bronze Medals
  • Including 10 All Around State Champions

Please find below a list of other results for MBC Womens Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnasts:-

Womens Artistic State Championship results 2011

  • Sarah Crisp (Level 6) – 8th AA
  • Tiarna Le Mura (Level 6) – 9th AA, Gold Vault
  • Anthea Martin (Level 5) – 13th AA
  • Emma Adamson (Level 7) – 17th AA
  • Mercedes McIntyre (Level 7) – 21st AA
  • Jessica Bax (Level 8) – 5th AA, Gold Vault, Bronze Bars

Rhythmic Gymnastics State Championship results 2011

  • Alannah Mathews (Level 7) – 2nd AA, Silver Ball and Clubs
  • Nikita Rosendahl (Level 7) – 4th AA, Silver Hoop, Bronze Clubs
  • Chloe Nelson (Level 10) – 2nd AA, Gold Hoop, Silver Ball, Bronze Clubs
  • Bryony White (Level 10) – 4th AA, Bronze Hoop and Ribbon
  • Alexis Lane (Level 5 International) – 2nd AA, Gold Ball, Silver Ribbon, Bronze Freehand
  • Annabelle Mitchell (Level 5 International) – 3rd AA, Gold Freehand, Bronze Ball and Ribbon
  • Kayleigh Bancroft (Level 6 International) – 2nd AA, Silver Freehand, Rope, Ball and Ribbon

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