Personal Development Program

PDP in the Primary Years

We are proud to be a KidsMatter school. Kids Matter is a framework for social and emotional learning  and helps bring our school community together to ensure we help raise confident and resilient individuals. More information can be found at Specific Personal Development Programs have been introduced at each year level across the Primary Years to provide stimulus, challenge and support for teachers in this area of the curriculum and pastoral care role of the College.

Students and teachers in each class discuss, debate and deal with issues such as friendships, bullying and conflict resolution, using practical materials and real life situations. This gives the girls the opportunity to address emotions and feelings in an explicit and deliberate way and to learn effective strategies for handling real situations when they arise. Teachers make the most of informal and unplanned experiences as well and prioritise relationship building in all interactions in their classes.

Regular guest speakers to the College also provide challenges and answers for parents in handling a wide range of issues that arise in these areas at home and at school.

PDP in the Secondary Years

The Personal Development Program in Years 7 to 12 aims to maintain and develop the knowledge and skills attained across the Primary Years. Through the program, students will explore and experience ideas and activities that address the broader domains of

  • Mental Health and wellbeing 
  • Social and Emotional wellbeing 
  • Sexuality and Relationships 
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills.

The Secondary Years program is aimed at the development of emotional and social competence in adolescents, and at fostering a keen awareness of strategies to promote positive self esteem and self-image, including participation in an adventure-based camping program. Students are given the opportunity to develop the mental wellbeing, social competence, and emotional intelligence that will enable them to solve problems and generate effective solutions throughout their lives. Each student will be enabled to develop the foundations to become a competent and confident person who can live well within a wider community.

Course Content

  • Recognising and managing thoughts, emotions and behaviours (including intra-personal and interpersonal skills) 
  • Drug and Alcohol Education 
  • Sexuality Education 
  • Futures and Careers Education.


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