Personal Development

The central focus of the Moreton Bay College Personal Development curriculum is the wellbeing of young people within the context of their personal, family, community and school roles.  Within a contemporary society characterised by change, people face a wide range of increasingly complex challenges in promoting and maintaining their personal wellbeing.

Moreton Bay College aims to implement a comprehensive whole school promotion of personal mastery and by establishing a supportive environment that recognises the connections between curriculum, policies, practices and partnerships.

Personal Development in the College is about becoming independent, living well within a wider community, and developing a sense of purpose and futures thinking. A comprehensive personal skills program from Prep to Year 12 ensures that students are equipped with the knowledge and understanding, and repertoire of skills associated with the four key attributes of resiliency:

  • Autonomy and personal identity
  • Social competence
  • Problem-solving skills
  • A sense of purpose and future

Such programs promote the social and emotional wellbeing of each student and staff member is integral to positive schooling outcomes, as well as to personal development, career choices and satisfaction.

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