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During my attendance at the many events and functions over the past two weeks I have been struck by the enormous involvement and interest of our parents at the College. This is one of the many wonderful aspects of being at a College such as MBC where mums, dads and grandparents generously give of their time and energy to support the full range of activities in which their daughters or granddaughters are participating. Some events over the last two weeks include the SRC dance, Classics in the Cathedral, QGSSSA Rhythmic Gymnastics and QGSSSA Winter fixtures.

Many parents also took the opportunity to hear from Dr Brenda Heyworth on Tuesday evening and then Susan McLean on Wednesday evening. Both guest speakers shared valuable information about parenting, from very different perspectives and on different topics, and I trust that those who attended left with some new ideas, strategies and knowledge about children’s emotional regulation from Dr Heyworth and using technologies safely from Susan McLean.

The quadrangle filled with chatter and laughter from Year 7 & 8 girls eager to serve their mums refreshments at the Year 7 & 8 mother and daughter afternoon tea on Thursday.

Many parents attended the Years 7 to 9 and 10 to 12 Academic and Citizenship awards assemblies last week. This week Mrs Stewart, Mr Keogh and I enjoyed spending time with over 50 mums and dads from Year 6 who joined the Yr 6 into 7 transition forums along with a tour of the Secondary school.

Last week the College supported The Allison's Gift Foundation through the Strive to be Kind Day. Our primary girls already have a wall for Random Acts of Kindness notes and secondary girls were encouraged to write notes of support and pop these in a jar in student reception. The jar is overflowing!  The primary girls enjoyed a picnic on the oval to celebrate the day and secondary girls will hold theirs on the last day of the term.


I make special mention this week of Year 9 Drama students with teacher Ms Pattemore and Year 1 students with teachers Mrs Hoole, Mrs Waddingham and Mrs Rosanoff who have been working together over the past two weeks. Both have shared in watching a performance and taking part in a shadow puppet making lesson. Both year levels are about to embark on a storytelling unit of work which culminates in a performance piece. The very special outcome of this learning experience is the way in which the two year levels have interacted with each other from both a student and staff perspective. This is one of the great benefits of being a P-12 College.

The Primary Fancy Dress Ball which is a highlight of the Primary year was held on Tuesday evening. The girls had fun guessing who was who under the masks and made the most of the dancing.

A Safety Concern

Unfortunately it has come to my attention via a number of concerned parents and staff that safety for our girls and community is being compromised by poor driver behaviour within the college grounds. I urge all drivers to follow the signage in the College grounds, slow down, be patient and consider that being able to drive and park within College grounds is indeed a convenience that many schools either do not allow or do not have the infrastructure for.
The following points are reminders for all drivers in the College grounds

  • To minimise congestion, delay arrival for pick up until after the bell and girls have had time to gather their belongings and move to the pick-up zones
  • Slow down, the speed limit within the campus grounds is 10 km
  • Wait patiently in traffic queues
  • Use the road to the Music Centre only when there is a large musical instrument to pick up or drop off
  • Use the drop off loop for a safe exit from the grounds rather than turning right from the Uniform Shop into heavy traffic.
  • Use the P&F carpark as a safe parking area
  • Always follow the traffic signs beside the Leita Boswell Hall.

We each have a responsibility to follow all directions when driving on the College grounds. A child's safety should never be compromised because of inappropriate and poor driver behaviour.

Mrs Jan Howatson
Head of College

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