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The Challenges of Effective Parenting - 4 June 2015

I often listen to parents speak about the love they have for their children, the commitment they have in supporting them on many levels and the sacrifices they make to provide the very best opportunities for them. Parenting is not always the easiest of our responsibilities. We are all far from being perfect and we don’t always get it right. I have been reflecting on this and have been researching the more recent studies on effective parenting.

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Academic Enablers - 21 May 2015

At the Moreton Bay Colleges we understand that for students to do well, they need the skills to do so. It is so much more than the content that they learn. It is also the skills of inquiry, problem solving, creative thinking and communication ability that students need as part of their overall school experience. These skills, required for academic learning, are and should be, a primary focus of instruction in schools.

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Vital 21st Century Learning Skills - 7 May 2015

It is great to see the girls and the boys across both Colleges immersing themselves in the term and their work. What they are learning and how they are learning sits at the core of our learning and teaching. For example, the International Baccalaureate's Primary Years Program (PYP) provides a great grounding for students in the primary years within a framework that allows students to know how to learn not merely what has to be learned. This inquiry based model of learning across each school enables our students to reflect, analyse, adapt, to be flexible, to think and innovate. All vital skills in an ever changing world.

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Listening to the Messages from our Parents - 23 April 2015

This is a great term for schools. It is where the routines are now established, the initiatives are being implemented and we are settling into the rhythm of the school year. There is wonderful work happening across the schools in curriculum, teaching developments, literacy and numeracy.

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Expectations and Feedback To Grow and Achieve - 26 March 2015

Parents have told me time and time again that the reason they send their children to study at the Moreton Bay Colleges is that they are nurturing and fulfilling environments where boys and girls are safe, cared for, cared about and encouraged to be responsible towards their school work.

The need for disciplined and focussed classrooms, where students are given the boundaries, expectations and feedback to grow and achieve, is a crucial element that we all need to focus on with energy and commitment. When we all believe that schooling is fundamentally about growing and achieving, we are on the right track to seeing our children leave school with the values, skills and knowledge to fulfil their potential.

Read more: Expectations and Feedback To Grow and Achieve - 26 March 2015

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