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Immersive Learning Ahead of the Game - 27 August 2015

Across the two schools there are strong examples of the schools working together in ways that benefit both. Our two Science Departments are working together under the leadership of Dr David Ash and Mrs Cathy King to engage students through science education and the launching of The Moreton Bay Colleges' Geological Society.

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Together We Are Stronger - 13 August 2015

Recent Board meetings have focussed on actions that have come from the extensive consultations with the community over the last seven months. This process of seeking the views of the community has unearthed strong beliefs about the value of single sex education along with a realisation that there are certain benefits to be gained through a partnership between both Moreton Bay Boys' College and Moreton Bay College. The next phase of amalgamation calls for new ways of thinking about how the two colleges connect and are interdependent whilst retaining their unique and distinctive identity. The college vision Together we are Stronger begs the questions what does 'together' mean and what are we 'stronger' at?

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Contributing Community - 30 July 2015

The Moreton Bay Colleges have many wonderful people within our communities that contribute to the culture, life and events at the Colleges. In no small part this is one of the reasons why we have the culture and quality of the schools that we all now enjoy. The notion that we are 'all replaceable' and 'no one is indispensable' does not always sit comfortably with me. It does not resonate with me because everyone has a unique set of values, personality and gifts that combine to make them and their contribution a special and unique one. It is often said that lots of people come to schools but eventually everyone leaves. It is what we do while we are here and the legacy that we leave behind that helps in making the College a very special place. Imagine all the exceptional people who have worked at each of the Colleges over the last century. Think about the contribution they each made while they were here.

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A time to focus - 16 July 2015

Welcome back to Term 3! I always find this term to be the time where we get to determine progress after the first semester with report cards and NAPLAN results. It is also a term for the Year 12’s to focus on finishing well with the QCS Test and to attain their highest possible Levels of Achievement to impact on their OP scores. At various assemblies across the Colleges I have been reinforcing the theme of setting goals for the semester and asking students to consider what it is that they want to be celebrating at Christmas time. I would encourage you to spend time with your children over the next few weeks identifying goals for the semester. All students have had time to consider their report cards and identify areas for focussed work - now it is time to make the transition from a relaxing holiday to a more focussed phase of intensity in their work.

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A rich school experience for all - 18 June 2015

With the last newsletter of the semester it is timely to give thanks to the many people who make this great community work so well. There is always something happening across the Colleges, with wonderful events and an abundance of opportunities, because committed people are prepared to go above and beyond to make them happen. Across all areas - sport, cultural, service and, crucially, academic - students are being provided with excellent opportunities to have a rich school experience. I would like to thank the many staff, parents and community members who make these opportunities happen for our children.

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