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Seasons Greetings - 2 December 2015

I would like to acknowledge this wonderful college community for a terrific academic year. The widespread endorsement of the college vision as presented in various awards nights and celebrations of excellence in recent weeks articulates our school improvement efforts across the colleges.

Well over 10 000 views on social media have seen the message about our colleges communicated widely. It is one thing to have a direction it is quite another to communicate it.  This can be found by visiting the college website where you will find a link to the Together we are stronger video or by selecting the image below.  I would welcome feedback about this and this can be sent to this email address: PAPrincipal@mbc.qld.edu.au


There is a wonderful energy and warmth across the colleges as a result of a terrific season of celebrations and a confidence in the two schools. As we continue to build upon this and further enhance the two colleges it is also important to encourage all of my colleagues, our students and our families to have a relaxing, holy and giving Christmas holiday. Enjoy the time with your loved ones, your families and each other. Find time for yourself to do the things that you find energising and rewarding.

2015 has been an outstanding year and 2016 promises to be even better. For us to achieve our goals we will draw on our energy, enthusiasm and effort so I encourage everyone to have a great holiday.

All the very best for the festive season.

Celebrations of Excellence - 19 November 2015

With our recent Awards Nights and Celebrations of Excellence across the colleges we have seen many wonderful students receive their justified recognition. There is not much fanfare for a child doing homework, studying for exams, drafting assignments, integrating teacher feedback into their work, so this opportunity to celebrate significant achievements is welcomed.

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Season of Celebration - 5 November 2015

We are currently in what I refer to as the ‘season of celebration.’ This is the October and November period where there so many evening functions. During this time I am struck by the wonderful contribution that parents and teachers make in giving their children the best possible school experience. The awards nights, celebrations of excellence, valedictories and numerous other events give us the opportunity as a community to recognise the many students and their wonderful growth and achievements through the year.

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Future Wisdom - 8 October 2015

It is barely believable to say that we are now in Term 4 with a little less than nine weeks until the Christmas break! As we move into the term with all the events, opportunities and learnings on offer here at the Moreton Bay Colleges we will focus individually on each. However, sometimes it is important to reflect on how far we have come.

Each year brings with it an opportunity to improve. How we teach, how we parent, how we are growing up, how we are performing? Each time we ask ourselves what can we do a little better and we challenge ourselves to improve. We improve through innovation, trying new things, challenging ourselves to take on something that is a stretch for us. I say that we should try, sometimes succeed and when we fail, then fail really well. By this I mean that it is OK to fail because there is a wealth of learning to be found when things don’t go our way.

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Moving forward - 22 October 2015

Thinking strategically, seeking out and including the views of key people are part of the preferred way of leading school communities towards the brightest possible future. In an earlier newsletter article I shared a wonderful example of the community coming together to share, dream and discover what is truly exceptional about our colleges and how we might build on this. We have focussed on music through the Moreton Bay Colleges’ Music Program: Innovating for Excellence - Together we are Stronger. Over the last few months we have sought the contribution of parents, students, teachers and college leaders to undertake a collective and imaginative approach to further enhancing the college music programs.

Read more: Moving forward - 22 October 2015

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