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Personally Adaptable - 24 March 2016

While we continue to build improvement and growth through each term we should always be mindful of the core values we live by; engagement, care, teamwork and character.

Each school term is a discrete period of time in which we seek to deliver an outstanding educational experience for our students in each of the colleges. For the educational experience to be truly great for a child there should be an abundance of opportunities in both the classroom and in the co-curricular. Fortunately for your children and mine this holistic and broad education at the Moreton Bay Colleges supports students in many learning opportunities to engage in the core values.

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The Importance of Community - 10 March 2016

Thank you to so many for making the memorial service for Ms Jennifer Haynes such a poignant and special occasion. For a community to come together to remember a career so focussed on children and people is important for us all, particularly Jennifer’s husband Dr Chris Reynolds and daughter Alice. This focus reminds us all that schools are fundamentally social places where people are the centre of our purpose for being.

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Brother and Sister Schools - 25 February 2016

As two independent separate single sex schools we value the enormous benefits that come from single sex education. As well as this, we are in the enviable position of enjoying the best of both worlds. Our partnership means we can connect as brother and sister schools. Together we are Stronger as a vision allows boys and girls to learn in parallel yet are able to come together where it’s appropriate to do so. Music, Sport, and STEM for example allow boys and girls to learn and grow together.

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Parallel Learning - 11 February 2016

Parallel learning within the context of the Moreton Bay Colleges, means that boys and girls learn separately from each other whilst both heading towards the same academic goals. This allows teachers to target their teaching to best resonate with the gender of students in their class, so they learn in parallel with each other. However, the students from both schools can come together socially, where it is appropriate to do so. We still have a responsibility to ensure that our girls and boys have opportunities to socialise together in order to respect and appreciate each other. Many of these instances occur in the co-curricular opportunities across each of the colleges.

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Seasons Greetings - 2 December 2015

I would like to acknowledge this wonderful college community for a terrific academic year. The widespread endorsement of the college vision as presented in various awards nights and celebrations of excellence in recent weeks articulates our school improvement efforts across the colleges.

Well over 10 000 views on social media have seen the message about our colleges communicated widely. It is one thing to have a direction it is quite another to communicate it.  This can be found by visiting the college website where you will find a link to the Together we are stronger video or by selecting the image below.  I would welcome feedback about this and this can be sent to this email address: PAPrincipal@mbc.qld.edu.au


There is a wonderful energy and warmth across the colleges as a result of a terrific season of celebrations and a confidence in the two schools. As we continue to build upon this and further enhance the two colleges it is also important to encourage all of my colleagues, our students and our families to have a relaxing, holy and giving Christmas holiday. Enjoy the time with your loved ones, your families and each other. Find time for yourself to do the things that you find energising and rewarding.

2015 has been an outstanding year and 2016 promises to be even better. For us to achieve our goals we will draw on our energy, enthusiasm and effort so I encourage everyone to have a great holiday.

All the very best for the festive season.

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