Executive Principal's Blog, Mr James Sloman

Family Fun Day - 25 August 2016

Schools should be at the centre of their community! People come together to learn, share and grow together in both our colleges. We also come together as a community to celebrate the joy of childhood in both outstanding colleges. The MBC college song describes this well when we sing;

Our days at Moreton Bay:
The problems shared, the pleasures too.
The games we lost and won.
Our work, and all the happy hours
We spent when work was done

This is particularly evident in the Family Fun Day to be held this Saturday 27 August at Moreton Bay College on the Hargreaves Road grassed area. This is an event wholly organised and run by the Parents and Friends Association of Moreton Bay College. It is an outstanding example of where a group of parents and friends of the colleges have come together to create a unique event that celebrates all that is so wonderful about our colleges.

Volunteering is more than coming up with a great idea. It cannot stop at a proposal with an expectation that someone else does the work. At the Moreton Bay Colleges, we are so focussed on creating the outstanding student experience for our students that we could not, as staff, organise an event of this kind. If it were not for a number of exceptional parents and friends who have given so much of their time and expertise it would simply not be possible. I would like to acknowledge the following parents who have been untiring in their efforts to ensure that the Family Fun Day is a success. The following is the P & F Committee, with a number of sub-committees who have assisted in the coordination of the stalls.

Owen Edwards – President of the MBC P & F. 
Chris Richardson – President of the MBBC P & F and Clayton Doo (for assistance with MBBC 4 stalls at the event).
Amanda Lee.
Suzanne Fisher. 
Melissa Kennedy.
Scott Cloughessy. 
Donna Marshall.
Rosslyn Lehmann 
Jon Mulally.
Michelle Hislop.

Our Marketing, Facilities, Music and Performing Arts staff are also acknowledged for their considerable work to make this event the tremendous success which it continues to be for the community.

I know that often people find acknowledgment uncomfortable and praise awkward, however I would like to pay tribute to the work which has been taking place at the Colleges.

As an acknowledgement to everyone who has been involved in organising this event, I ask that you join me at the Family Fun Day - come along and enjoy the “happy hours we spent when work was done”.

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