Executive Principal's Blog, Mr James Sloman

Greene sisters metaphor of seeds - 28 July 2016

With Founders’ Week we celebrate the establishment of Moreton Bay College by the Greene sisters. Who would have known then what the Moreton Bay Colleges would become? Leaders in single sex education, august and high quality colleges with many proud achievements.

What was true in our early years remains true today! Our values of Care, Character, Engagement and Teamwork are deeply embedded in our Uniting Church tradition.

Using the metaphor of seeds, the Greene sisters created a focus on Academic Endeavour and the Pursuit of Learning, Sport and Physical Education, Christian Faith and Service, The Spoken Arts, and The Visual and Performing Arts. These five seeds cover the comprehensive and holistic education we seek to provide our students, both boys and girls.

The metaphor of seeds sown is both powerful and meaningful. Jesus often referred to the sowing of seeds and reaping a harvest as metaphors that teach us about the demands and rewards of Christian life. Sowing seeds is hard work and requires knowledge: the soil must be prepared, the planting time carefully selected, and the ground carefully ploughed and made ready. Planting seeds also requires faith! It takes time for those first shoots to appear and it can take years for mature plants to grow and yield a crop. Jesus said that one person may sow but another may reap. Sometimes we do not see the harvest that our tiny seeds have yielded, but we tend our crop anyway, as did the Greene sisters, as a legacy for those who come after us.

The joy of teaching is seeing how the young people we invest so much of ourselves into blossom into outstanding people with remarkable achievements. Each year we seek to recognise a past student who encapsulates our values and by virtue of their achievements are a role model for our students. This year it is our pleasure to announce our 2016 Moreton Bay College Medal recipient, Ms Melissa Anderson. 

I was asked a question recently about recent political and religious tension around the world by one of our primary students. With seemingly, so much horror and hate in the world the little boy was trying to make sense of recent events within the context of many social media posts he had been reading.

The answer I suggested is in the bible which teaches us about living in peace and unity. Psalm 133:1 tells us: “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” John 6:43 says, “Stop grumbling among yourselves.” The bible teaches us not to bicker among ourselves. People take sides and hurl aggressive and condemning comments at one another. God speaks on this political matter through Leviticus in which God says we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. We all need to seek unity and harmony.

It is as true today as it was then.

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