Head of Sports Weekly Sports Wrap Up

Overall a very good round with MBC dominating Hockey and Netball and shared wins in Volleyball. With us competing against a School of Excellence in Tennis, the final scores were not indicative of some very close matches played across all grades. 

Mrs Sue Pavish, Head of Sports

Click here to read this week's results in fullpdfResults vs St Hildas 2015.pdf

Communities that Contribute

The Moreton Bay Colleges have many wonderful people within our communities that contribute to the culture, life and events at the Colleges. In no small part this is one of the reasons why we have the culture and quality of the schools that we all now enjoy. The notion that we are 'all replaceable' and 'no one is indispensable' does not always sit comfortably with me. It does not resonate with me because everyone has a unique set of values, personality and gifts that combine to make them and their contribution a special and unique one. It is often said that lots of people come to schools but eventually everyone leaves. It is what we do while we are here and the legacy that we leave behind that helps in making the College a very special place. Imagine all the exceptional people who have worked at each of the Colleges over the last century. Think about the contribution they each made while they were here.

When staff come to the Colleges they work hard to make a difference to the education and development of students at each. It is not always the easiest of professions, being an educator, but it is certainly one of the most rewarding. The relationships teachers have with students through their teaching and co-curricular involvement creates an environment where students, be they boys or girls, are cared about and cared for. It is very special seeing a child grow scholastically, socially and developmentally.

In this manner you will have received correspondence indicating that Mrs Jan Howatson, Head of College at Moreton Bay College, has announced her retirement. A richly deserved and wonderful time for Mrs Howatson to step into the next phase of her life and an opportunity for us as a school to rejoice about having her special qualities and contribution over the time that we had together. After nearly three decades at the College it is only fitting.

A process has commenced which will see the position advertised nationally and internationally, to find the very best applicant who will undoubtedly bring their own special and unique contribution to the College!

Getting ready for Greene-ware

You are cordially invited to Greene-ware 2015, our annual showcase of artwork from all Visual Art students and Multi Art Studies students - Prep to Year 12.

Friday 14 August • 6.30pm to 8.30pm 
Saturday 15 August • 10.00am to 3.00pm
Monday 17 August • 8.15am to 3.30pm

Entry and light refreshments are complimentary.

Venue: Oriel Handley Hall • Moreton Bay College • 450 Wondall Road, Manly West.

A rich school experience for all - 18 June 2015

With the last newsletter of the semester it is timely to give thanks to the many people who make this great community work so well. There is always something happening across the Colleges, with wonderful events and an abundance of opportunities, because committed people are prepared to go above and beyond to make them happen. Across all areas - sport, cultural, service and, crucially, academic - students are being provided with excellent opportunities to have a rich school experience. I would like to thank the many staff, parents and community members who make these opportunities happen for our children.

What we have here at The Moreton Bay Colleges is almost unique in that we provide a gender specific education for our boys and girls, where they are learning in parallel. As teachers and parents we can exploit the best of ways that boys and girls learn and target teaching towards this. Being a sister and brother school gives us a unique opportunity to join together, when appropriate, to create an enriched opportunity for students. As we continue to explore new opportunities in parallel learning, the recent MBBC school production of "the Jungle Book" is a wonderful example, where students from both schools created, not only an excellent performance, but a rich learning opportunity for boys and girls to enjoy together.

Schools are at their best when they are 'feedback rich'! By this I mean that our practices, systems and processes are calibrated in ways that enable and, in fact, encourage, the regular exchange of feedback across all stakeholder groups. The outcome is improving the educational experience for our students so that their results indicate growth and our community is satisfied with our performance. I really believe that school report cards are a treasure trove of feedback. As report cards are distributed I would really encourage parents and their children to sit down and work through the results, the comments and other information, to get a clear understanding of their progress at this point in time. Remember though, report cards are not an IQ test, they do not indicate if a child is a success or a failure, they do not define us as people. They are simply a teacher’s interpretation of student work as judged against a series of criteria. This is hardly an exact science but can be made rigorous through internal processes such as moderation across classes and teachers, consistent assessment implementation practices and strong instructional leadership practices by teachers and middle managers. Use the report cards as a guide, a prompt for meaningful conversation between parents, children and teachers and as a way to set and celebrate goals.

The six months project I set myself, to consult across the two communities about where our key stakeholders see us, is nearing completion. In Term 1, I spent time with parents during the parent forums and this term I have focussed on individual meetings with staff members. There is strong resonance across parents and staff that there is an appetite for school improvement. The Board, the Senior Leadership Teams and I are in the process of creating a strategy and a road map to frame the timelines and the capability requirements for improvement. I look forward to keeping you informed of this towards the end of next semester.

Mr James Sloman
Executive Principal

The Challenges of Effective Parenting - 4 June 2015

I often listen to parents speak about the love they have for their children, the commitment they have in supporting them on many levels and the sacrifices they make to provide the very best opportunities for them. Parenting is not always the easiest of our responsibilities. We are all far from being perfect and we don’t always get it right. I have been reflecting on this and have been researching the more recent studies on effective parenting.

Too often, I hear loving parents with the very best of intentions, feeling as though they have failed through their mistakes. Parents often feel that they have to take drastic action and make significant interventions when their children feel anxious, unhappy or unloved. The research seeks to reassure, that negative emotions are as important as positive emotions for a child to learn. Recognising when they are sad or happy, angry or tranquil, frustrated or successful, befriended or unfriended, is an important skill for every child to learn.

Our job as parents is not to save or solve these problems for our children. Obviously we have to protect them from harm, but we also have to be preparing them for life and all the challenges this brings with it.

Do you recall how you felt when your children were babies and things did not always work out the way you expected them to? You may have felt a “failure” dealing with ordinary daily events, such as getting your baby to sleep, getting them to eat, getting them to listen, carry out simple instructions, or follow the simplest of routines. Do you recall the sheer exhaustion and how unbelievably testing at times, being a parent can be? As a parent myself, I can safely say that we will all fail over and over, especially if we have set impossible standards for ourselves. Sadly, it is usually the parents who have the highest standards and ideals, who feel they have let themselves and their children down.

I can assure every parent, that at some stage their child will feel miserable. They will be upset about something, fail at something, express anger at rules or decisions, have a falling out with their friends, or a major conflict. There will be a teacher that they may not necessarily like, a mark on an exam that disappoints them, or some days when they say, “I don’t like school!” This is very normal for a child, especially a teenager! This is when parents need to be the parent and not well-intentioned rescuers. The research is compelling when it says, “Children need us to be their parent not their friend”. I am intrigued by what some of the research describes as, Authoritative Parenting, which means taking charge of your parenting. With love!

Parents need to create consistent boundaries, serve fair consequences and sometimes even say, “I know you don’t like this but this is the way it is going to be.” I believe parents should answer questions about the reasons behind the rules or decisions, respect the fact that they may simply have a different opinion and gradually give freedoms and greater responsibilities as children mature. Consistent parenting creates happy families and helps create a happy relationship between a child and their school. Let us all remember that as the significant adults in your child’s life, we are all going through this together, and we'll come out of it — together!

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