Careers: Work Experience Placements

Work Education Policy and Procedures: Work Experience Placements
Moreton Bay College is committed to assisting with the provision of Work Experience for students as part of their education. Work Experience is designed to assist students to develop appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes concerning both paid and unpaid work. While student participation in Work Experience is not compulsory, we are willing to assist interested students to undertake a placement in a work environment that may help them to develop an understanding of a particular career field and that encourages them to explore their career goals.
In brief, Work Experience (WEX) requests will be considered for approval against the following criteria:
  • capacity of the provider to provide work experience
  • arrangements made in writing, between the College, the student, her parent/carer and the provider before the placement commences 
  • the Application for Work Experience Form (i.e., the expression of interest) must be submitted by the student in sufficient time to allow for at least three (3) weeks of notice (in school term times) prior to the intended date for the commencement of a work experience placement
  • the student is at least 14 years of age
  • the work experience is completed in the same calendar year
  • the work experience does not interrupt the student’s academic assessment schedules or inconvenience pre-existing commitments to College activities
Moreton Bay College will enter into a suitable contract of insurance, indemnifying the student and the work experience provider against liability for personal injury or property damage arising out of the work experience.
Should you have any questions regarding this information or any other aspect of work experience please contact the College Careers Adviser.
Process and requirements for applying for a Work Experience (WEX) Placement:

1. The student completes the Application for Work Experience (expression of interest), available at the file link shown below and returns this to the Careers Adviser (at least three weeks before the intended date for commencing the placement and this three week period must fall in school terms).

2. Once the details of the placement are determined, the Careers Adviser provides the student, her parent/carer and the work provider with a copy of the Work Experience Agreement for their signatures and also provides copies of relevant information pertaining to insurance. 

3. The completed, signed Work Experience Agreement Form is retained by the College and copies are provided to the student and to the provider prior to the commencement of the placement.

4. Student undertakes the WEX placement.

5. Upon completion of the placement, the student must write a card or a letter of thanks to the employer, by not later than the end of the week following the final day of the WEX placement.

6. The student forwards her Work Experience Report - a summary of her learning and reflections about the WEX placement - to the Careers Adviser, preferably by email, by not later than the end of the week following the final day of the placement.

7. The Careers Adviser forwards copies of the student’s report to the student’s Form teacher and Head of House.

(This information last reviewed May 2013)


Application form to request Work Experience 

pdfExpression of Interest Form - Work Experience

Student's Work Experience Placement Report 

alt Student's Work Experience Placement Report  

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